TES In Depth: Cyprus’s Elena Tsagrinou with ‘El Diablo’

TES In Depth: Cyprus’s Elena Tsagrinou with ‘El Diablo’

This is our last review for the first half of the first semi final of Eurovision 2021. Closing out the first half will be Cyprus’s Elena Tsagrinou with ‘El Diablo’. You can hear our more detailed analysis down below:

A look at Elena Tsagrinou’s career so far!

Early in Elena’s career in 2013 she auditioned for the band OtherView, she was a member of this group until 2018. in 2018 Elena embarked on her solo career, when she released her first single ‘Pame Ap’ Tin Arh’. Elena also performed at the prestigious MAD VMA’s in Greece back in 2019. Elena was then selected to represent Cyprus for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Our takes on ‘El Diablo’


Opinion: I adore Cyprus’s Eurovision entry this year, it is fun and quirky. Yes this entry is a little generic but in all honesty I really don’t care. ‘El Diablo’ does remind me a little of Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ but honestly I am all or it as this is a genre of music i typically love anyway. It remains current while having a hint of 2010’s throwback and I really am here for it!

Overall Ranking: 4th

Prediction: 4th-7th in the semi, 10th-15th in the final.


Opinion: There is always a hint of suspicion with me when it comes to a favourite – what makes it so special? What is the X Factor of it all? In the case of ‘El Diablo’, I’m not entirely sure. There’s no denying that Elena has a fantastic voice and the song I love the retro vibes back to 2010 this gives me. Whether it fully deserves to be one of the favourites in the odds – I don’t think so. The song is good, but not groundbreaking – and after the diversity of Toy, Arcade, Amar Pelos Dois, 1944 – were this to win, it would look rather basic in comparison.

Overall Ranking: 21st

Prediction: 2nd-4th in the semi final. 10th-15th in the final.


Opinion: Cyprus have once again returned to their formula of an upbeat, contemporary female pop song as their entry, and El Diablo certainly feels like the most interesting of these. I like the instrumentation and the different styles throughout the song – the chanting, the light, breathy section, the powerful chorus, the rhythm of the verses – but ultimately the song feels a little too vapid to reach the heights of my rankings. It’s the sort of song that I can’t wait to sing along to when we’re allowed to go into clubs again, but I cannot see this as a Eurovision winner. There are more interesting, more meaningful uptempo female songs this year for me, and those are much higher in my rankings.

Overall Ranking: 28th

Prediction: I expect this to qualify, probably in about 5th-8th place, with a mid-table result in the final.

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Photo Credit: Panos Giannakopoulos

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