TES In Depth: Estonia’s Uku Suviste with ‘The Lucky One’

TES In Depth: Estonia’s Uku Suviste with ‘The Lucky One’

Today we look at Estonia’s entry for Eurovision 2021. Estonia, this year will be represented by Uku Suviste, who will be singing ‘The Lucky One’. If you want to hear our opinions on the entry watch this video below:

A look into Uku’s career so far.

Uku has attempted to represent Estonia on several occasions. Uku won Eesti Laul back in 2020 with his song ‘What Love is’. Due to the cancellation of the Eurovision song contest, Uku had to compete in Eesti Laul again this year. This year Uku also won the competiton, this time with ‘The Lucky One’.

Our takes on ‘The Lucky One’


Opinion: This is definitely an improvement on ‘What Love is’, however I still don’t see this making any waves at Eurovision. The song is decent, but decent is not good enough to get you a good placing in Eurovision, especially in such a strong year. I don’t see this making it out of the semi and if it did it would almost definitely finish in the bottom 5.

Overall Ranking: 29th

Prediction: 14th-17th in the semi final.


Opinion: Eesti Laul was one of the hard hittting national selections this year and Uku managed to beat everyone else to represent his country again in Rotterdam. However, I’m not sure whether he was the right choice for Estonia. This is by far and away his best song to compete at Eesti Laul – but I cannot access this song as much as he wants me to. It is also hard to see how the staging could work in Rotterdam, as dangling chains won’t be enough to captivate an audience. I’m wishing them well, but I’ve not got high hopes about this.

Overall Ranking: 22nd

Prediction: 10th-14th in the semi-final. If it qualifies – 20th-26th in the final.


Opinion: The Lucky One is a perfectly fine if unremarkable song. Uku is not an artist I am comfortable lending support to.

Overall Ranking: 39th

Prediction: 13th-17th in the semi-final.

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Photo Credit: Kersti Niglas

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