TES In Depth: Czechia’s Benny Cristo with ‘Omaga’

TES In Depth: Czechia’s Benny Cristo with ‘Omaga’

The next Eurovision entry we will look at comes from Czechia. Czechia will be represented this year by Benny Cristo. Benny will sing ‘Omaga’ in the second Eurovision Semi Final. If you want to hear our in depth opinion, then please watch our video below:

A look into Benny Cristo’s career.

Benny has supported big American artists on tour such as Far East Movement and Pitbull. In 2020 Benny won the Czech national final with his song ‘Kemama’. As Benny did not get to represent his country last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, he was internally selected to represent his country this year. This year Benny will sing the song ‘Omaga’.

Our takes on ‘Omaga’


Opinion: I really enjoyed this song when it first came out, however as time has gone on I do feel that I do kind of just forget about this song. I still think this song will qualify for the final. This is an incredibly fun and likeable song, and I feel fun is something we need this year. Benny is an amazing performer as we have already seen at last year’s Vidbir with his song ‘Kemama’

Overall Ranking: 22nd

Prediction: 6th-8th in the semi final. 13-16th in the final.


Opinion: While I enjoyed ‘Kemama’ and the several revamps we got afterwards, I did feel like the song didn’t stand up against the rest of its competitors. ‘Omaga’ is totally constrasting to that. The kicks off hard and has an incredibly unique vibe to it. It’s lovely to see Czechia carrying on its streak of sending competent entries that you could easily hear on the charts across Europe. Not to mention, Benny has incredibly charisma which adds to the song’s quirkiness. I hope people don’t completely underestimate this – though I do believe this could be the underdog that sneaks it through to the final and surprises everyone.

Overall Ranking: 13th

Prediction: 7th-10th in the semi-final. 15th-19th in the final.


Opinion: Omaga didn’t quite stand out to me when I first heard it, but the more I’ve listened to it, the more I love it. It’s a clever, witty, charismatic song sung by a clever, witty, charismatic performer, and another one of this year’s songs that fills me with happiness. It’s catchy and positive and I really hope that this gets a great result for Czechia this year.

Overall Ranking: 11th

Prediction: 5th-10th in the semi-final, mid-table in the final.

Let us know your thoughts on ‘Omaga’

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Photo Credit: David Turecký

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