TES In Depth: San Marino with Senhit’s ‘Adrenalina’

TES In Depth: San Marino with Senhit’s ‘Adrenalina’

Today we start our Eurovision Semi Final Two reviews. Opening up the second semi final is San Marino. San Marino will be represented by Senhit, and she will sing ‘Adrenalina’. To hear our thoughts on the song watch the video below:

A Look into Senhit’s career so far

Senhit is no stranger to Eurovision, having already represented San Marino at the contest back in 2011, with the song ‘Stand By’. At Eurovision 2011 Senhit placed 16th in the semi final and did not qualify for the final. It was announced that Senhit would represent San Marino back in 2020, she was originally meant to represent them with the song ‘Freaky’. Senhit could not participate in 2020 due to the cancellation of the contest, however is back this year with the song ‘Adrenalina’.

Senhit is joined on the studio track by US rap artist Flo-Rida. Flo-Rida had a string of worldwide hits such as ‘Low and ‘Whistle’ in he late noughties, early 2010’s. It is still unclear whether Flo-Rida will join Senhit on stage at Eurovision in Rotterdam.

Our opinions on ‘Adrenalina’


Opinion: This was an absolute blindside from San Marino. This song is such a fun, catchy earworm. I expect this song will give San Marino their best ever result in Eurovision this year. With or without Flo-Rida this song is still a massive bop and Senhit has an amazing energy about her. I am sure Senhit will pull off a performance in Rotterdam that everyone will be talking about.

Overall Ranking: 14th

Prediction: 3rd-5th in the semi final, then 8th-13th in the final.


Opinion: If you were to tell me 10 years ago that Flo Rida was in contention to be representing San Marino in Eurovision, I would have literally scoffed. But now that it’s a reality, I am over the moon. Far too often, San Marino is patronised as “the little country that could”, but now with the help of Senhit, we’re finally seeing a strong song that can stand on its own! The music is infectious, the drop comes exactly when you want it to and Senhit’s vocals are incredibly unique on this track. My one concern could be the staging as they had a lot of different ideas in the music video – so, if they stick to one, that should help it maintain that consistency. Never have I ever felt more like a proud dad at this point!

Overall Ranking: 4th

Prediction: 3rd-6th in the semi-final. 9th-13th in the final.


Opinion: There’s something so delightful in everything about this, and it’s another of the songs this year that just puts a huge smile on my face. The entire year has given us a showcase of Senhit’s creativity and imagination with her #FreakyTripToRotterdam, and this feels like the best conclusion that she could have provided for this. It’s radio-friendly, well-produced, and sure, maybe it’s just a fun party song, but it’s damn good at what it does.

Overall Ranking: 17th (which, given how strong the year is, is still really good in my ranking!)

Prediction: 3rd-6th in the semi-final, and maybe a lower left-hand side in the final. I’m sure this will get San Marino’s best result, and deservedly so.

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Photo Credit: Fabrizio Cestari

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