TES In Depth: Austria’s Vincent Bueno with ‘Amen’

TES In Depth: Austria’s Vincent Bueno with ‘Amen’

We are well into our Eurovision Semi Final Two reviews now, the next country we will talk about is Austria. Austria will be represented by Vincent Bueno this year. Vincent will sing ‘Amen’, if you want to hear our opinions about the song watxh the video below:

A Look into Vincent Bueno’s career so far!

Vincent first came to prominence in 2008 after winning Austrian talent show ‘Musical: Die Show’. Vincent has had moderate success both in Austria and in the Philippines. In 2020 Vincent was internally selected to represent Austria in Eurovision. Due to sing ‘Alive’ Vincent had to put his Eurovision dreams aside for a year due to Covid-19 cancelling the contest. This year Vincent is back with his new song ‘Amen’.

Our takes on ‘Amen’


Opinion: Vincent is in no doubt a amazing vocalist. I do have my doubts about how well ‘Amen’ could do, this is mainly due to the fact this year is so strong. I do think ‘Amen’ will get a lot of love from the jurors, however I am unsure on how the voters at home will respond. This song for me personally doesn’t really go anywhere. I do think the song does lend itself to decent staging however.

Overall Ranking: 31st

Prediction: 10th-12th in the semi final, bottom 5 if it makes the final.


Opinion: This wins the battle of the “Amen”-s for me. While both Slovenia and Austria have powerful songs that are driven by strong, charismatic vocals, the beat of Vincent’s ‘Amen’ has a beat that is really engraves the emotion that the lyrics are trying to convey. However, in saying this – this is more semi-final fodder for me. While the song is good and Vincent’s vocals are good, “good” in a year like this won’t get you very far. I hope there will be some level of elevation with the staging, but I’m not sure how much of an impact this is going to have in Rotterdam.

Overall Ranking: 29th

Prediction: 10th-13th in the semi-final. 20th-26th if it qualifies.


Opinion: While Austria’s Amen is a very pleasant song, backed by Vincent’s strong vocals, it ultimately fails to leave a strong impression on me, and without some very impressive staging and a good handful of love from the juries, I struggle to see it making it through the semi-final. It’s certainly not impossible, particularly as I think the juries will really like it, but when semi-final two is packed full of emotional, heartfelt, genuine songs, Amen doesn’t stand out (though could do in the more upbeat first half). There’s not really anything wrong with it as a song, but the competition this year is possibly a bit too strong for this.

Overall Ranking: 37th.

Prediction: 10th-14th in the semi-final, 20th-26th if it makes the final.

Let us know your thoughts!

As ever we want to know what you make of Vincent’s song, to let us know your feelings on ‘Amen’, please vote in our poll below:

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Photo Credit: ORF/ Roman Zach-Kiesling

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