TES In Depth: Greece’s Stefania with ‘Last Dance’

TES In Depth: Greece’s Stefania with ‘Last Dance’

The next song we are looking at comes from Greece. Greece will be represented by Stefania with ‘Last Dance’. Greece have had mixed fortunes at Eurovision over the years. How do we think they will do this year? Watch our video below to find out.

A look into Stefania’s career so far!

Stefania my only be 18 years old but she is no stranger to the Eurovision competition. Stefania competed in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for the hosts the Netherlands back in 2016 with the band Kisses, where the group finished in 8th place. In 2020 she was chosen to represent Greece with the song Superg!rl. Following the 2020 contest being cancelled, Stefania was invited back to represent Greece for 2021.

Our opinions on ‘Last Dance’


Opinion: I absoultely adore this. I think it’s fun and it’s really catchy. I never expected to have Greece as my winner this year as I wasn’t a huge fan of ‘Superg!rl’. I just really enjoy this and it is one of the only songs I have had constantly on repeat. The plans for the staging also leave me very excited. I can not wait to see what kind of result this gets in Rotterdam, I will admit this is one of the harder songs to make a prediction with as to how well it will do.

Overall Ranking: 1st

Prediction: 3rd-6th in the semi, 7th-12th in the final.


Opinion: I still haven’t shaken off my initial impressions of this song – Stefania is by far and away the best element in this package – she delivers her song with conviction and power and there’s no denying she has an astonishing voice. The chorus of the song is undeniably strong, but after that I can’t find much else that I love about this song. ‘Supergirl’ was a far more inventive song that actually had a little Greek flare, whereas ‘Last Dance’ feels as if it did everything it could to steer away from that. To me, this is a rather generic entry that will likely be overhyped, and I’m not sure this is entirely justified. I’ll be happy to see Greece again be hyped up, but if I could switch this with ‘Supergirl’, I would.

Overall Ranking: 28th

Prediction: 1st-5th in the semi-final. 8th-13th in the final.


Opinion: Greece’s luck in Eurovision has been rather mixed in the last decade, but Last Dance feels like a return to form, taking the clear 80s trend from this year and using it to produce a timely, modern, upbeat song. It’s an almost-certain qualifier from semi-final two, particularly if this new and exciting staging works, and while it might not be the most unique or interesting song of the year, it’s well-produced, catchy and a lot of fun! If Stefania produces the energy and vocal power needed to carry this song live, this could do very well.

Overall Ranking: 15th

Prediction: 3rd-6th in the semi-final, lower left-hand side in the final.

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Photo Credit: Haris Farsarakis

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