TES In Depth: Italy’s Måneskin with “Zitti E Buoni”

TES In Depth: Italy’s Måneskin with “Zitti E Buoni”

Our third entry from the Big Five comes from Italy, who once again brought us five nights of…whatever on earth happens at Sanremo. While Sanremo is not technically a national selection, this year’s winners, Måneskin, accepted the invitation to compete in Rotterdam this May as part of their prize for success in the contest. They will perform the glam rock song Zitti E Buoni, which translates to “Shut Up and Behave”. To hear our thoughts on their entry, have a listen here:

A look into Måneskin’s career so far.

Måneskin (the Danish word for Moonshine) is a four-piece band consisting of lead singer Damiano David, bassist Victoria De Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Torchio. The group formed in high school in 2016 before entering Pulse, a competition for local bands, at which they won first prize. Following this, they began busking on the streets of Rome, at which point they decided to pursue music more seriously as a group.

In 2017, Måneskin placed second on the eleventh series of X Factor Italia. Their first EP, Chosen, was released later that year, and included their first single of the same name, along with a selection of covers that they had performed during the competition. Their first full-length studio album, Il ballo della vita, was released in 2018, accompanied by a documentary, This Is Måneskin. The lead single, Torne a casa, topped the charts in Italy.

In March, following their success at Sanremo, they released their second album, Teatro d’ira: Vol. 1.

Our opinions on “Zitti E Buoni”


Opinion: This was a really good choice for Italy. I feel this is different from anything we have seen from them before. I really hope that this genre is respected this year and gives Italy the great result they deserve. I feel now we know there will be an audience this song will really be helped by that especially towards the end of the song where the music dies down. I see another Top 10 result for Italy this year.

Overall Ranking: 3rd

Prediction: Top 10, potentially Top 5.


Opinion: Whenever it comes to this song, I always have conflicting opinions. On the one hand, this is not my style of music AT ALL. Glam rock has never done anything for me and their visual identity has been a little off-putting. On the other hand, the song and all of its components – the lyrics, the melodies and the overall composition – is just a guilty pleasure. There’s no denying that Italy send quality year after year and this year is no exception. The Arctic Monkeys vibes this gives off is palpable, but I do think I like it and I wouldn’t be mad at all if it won. However, I wonder how the staging could affect the perception of the song, but we won’t know that until rehearsals kick off.

Overall Ranking: 18th

Prediction: 4th-12th in the final.


Opinion: While there are many songs from this year’s Sanremo that I adore, Måneskin was undoubtedly a fantastic choice for Italy this year. It’s glamorous, stylish, has great lyrics, great music, great theatricality – everything Italy does right in my eyes almost every year. Their stage presence is fantastic, and the song ultimately makes me feel powerful and I just wish I had half the confidence they seem to when performing! I can’t fault this song. There’s just so many this year that I adore.

Overall Ranking: 4th (though I’m considering putting it higher!)

Prediction: I would love to see this in the top 10, though worry it might not find an audience with the juries – not that that’s stopped Italy before. Top 5? Even better. Could it win? I wouldn’t rule it out completely, though that might just be wishful thinking!

Let us know your thoughts!

It’s not just about what we think, we want to know what you guys make of Italy’s entry this year. To voice your opinion on “Zitti E Buoni” please vote in our poll below:

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Photo Credit: Gabrielle Giussani

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