🇨🇾 TES Reviews: Summoning demons for Elena Tsagrinou

🇨🇾 TES Reviews: Summoning demons for Elena Tsagrinou

Up first today is Cyprus, represented by Elena Tsagrinou, who will be competing this year with her entry ‘El Diablo’.

What did we think of the rehearsal?

It’s a choreography-heavy performance from Elena, who starts alone on stage in a silver fringed dress. She is joined by four female backing dancers, wearing red catsuits and with a stripe of red painted down their faces. There’s a mirror at the back of the stage which amplifies their presence. The LEDs are red throughout, with a bit of black and white through the chorus. Elena is sounding fantastic, and keeps up with the high energy choreography very well.

Now, What did our team think of the rehearsal?

Rory: Cyprus this year is capitalising on the success of both ‘Replay’ and ‘Fuego’ with ‘El Diablo’. It’s a fairly solid package from Elena and her dancers, with a fantastic vocal delivery with some taxing choreography. We knew that this would qualify, but it could also be a top 5 in the semi-final now! Overall, a lot of red, which might drown out the dancers, but Elena takes the focus and runs with it as she whispers ‘El Diablo’ in the final few seconds. Pleasantly surprised here!

Jazzi: The fact Elena’s vocals are good when there are mic pack problems and she can’t hear herself shows what a professional she is. Her outfit isn’t a million miles away from the music video but she looked amazing in that so don’t fix what isn’t broke. I am glad she has used red on her backing dancers to symbolise ‘El Diablo’. I feel the juries will eat this up it’s clean it’s polished and Elena’s vocal performance is amazing. The staging not being too dissimilar from Replay or Fuego doesn’t surprise me Cyprus know what works for them and they are capitalising on it.

Rosie: This is a very slick staging from Cyprus as we have come to expect from them, with fantastic choreography which Elena handles very well. It’s certainly not a performance which hurts the song in any way, through it’s also not one which elevates it for me either. It’s competent, professional, stylish, and Elena sounds wonderful. If you love the song, I see no reason why you wouldn’t be happy with what the Cypriot team have produced here!

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News Source: That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: Panos Giannakopoulos

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