๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ช TES Reviews: Calm Vibes  for Georgia’s Tornike Kipiani

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ช TES Reviews: Calm Vibes for Georgia’s Tornike Kipiani

Up first today is Georgia, who are being represented by Tornike Kipiani. Tornike will be singing the song ‘You’ in this year’s competition.

What did we think of Georgia’s rehearsal?

The staging starts off dark blue, with one light shining down on Tornike for the start of the song, he is alone on stage throughout the performance. As the song kicks we see a dark blue cloud effect on the LED with simple white flashes. He sits on a box on the stage for the second verse! It goes really dark and we see the lyrics projected onto Tornike at one point. In the second chorus LED goes all black and we see the lyrics projected onto the screen in English and Georgian.

In the climax of the song we see a orange fire effect raising above the blue effect which returns towards the end, and then again we see some of the lyrics on the LED again towards the end of song. In the second run through he seemed to just have a little bit of fun with the song singing it in different octaves.

What did our team make of Georgia’s Rehearsal?

Rory: It was always going to be harder for Georgia, as there was basically zero hype around “You” in the run-up to rehearsals. However, this staging – while incredibly bare and minimalist – has helped to elevate the bits that needed it. I like the projection of the lyrics onto Tornike’s face and body, and the dramatic blue and orange clouds in the final refrain. I do wonder though, if this staging is still engaging enough to get the public or the juries to vote for it

Jazzi: I have made no secret I am not a fan of this song. I do feel the staging is really nice, it’s simple and it’s effective. Tornike is vocally on point and he does bring the right atmosphere to the stage. Although I quite like how this has been staged I don’t know how well it will stand out among the stronger songs in this semi, and I still think it will be hard to pull through. I do like that he has projected the Georgian lyrics on the LED I do think that’s a nice touch to stay in tune with the people in his home country.

Rosie: It’s a fantastic rehearsal from Tornike, who commands the stage and whose vocals are perfect. The staging fits the song nicely, though I don’t think it will be enough to convince anyone who doesn’t like the song already. It’s simple, and quite beautiful, and I love the inclusion of the Georgian text on the back LEDs as the Georgian polyphonic choir sings. If people enjoy this on the evening, however, it’ll be from the sheer power of Tornike’s voice. I don’t like feeling this is probably stuck in the semis, but unfortunately think it still is.

News Source: EBU/ That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: Giorgi Tsaava

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