TES Recaps: Day 3 of Rehearsals for Eurovision 2021!

TES Recaps: Day 3 of Rehearsals for Eurovision 2021!

Today was Day 3 of rehearsals for Eurovision 2021 – with nine countries taking to the stage in Rotterdam. These countries were San Marino, Estonia, Czech Republic, Greece, Austria, Poland, Moldova, Iceland and Serbia.

However, what did we make of what happened today?

Our highlights for Day 3

Jazzi: My highlight of the day is Greece. I think the staging is clever and it is also one of my favourite songs of the season, so I am so glad the staging is good.

Rory: My highlight for today was San Marino. I believe that all the hype for Senhit was justified, and that her rehearsal could give San Marino a potential top 10 result.

Rosie: Iceland. It brought a huge smile to my face and was everything we love about D&G without being boring or predictable.

Our low-lights from today’s rehearsals

Jazzi: My lowlight of the day is Estonia. I just felt in such a strong set of songs he didn’t do enough to stand out and I think this is now a dead certainty to NQ.

Rory: My lowlight was Poland – saying that the overall performance was messy and a little childish. I also think that the song is better than the staging.

Rosie: I’m not sure if Greece is a lowlight or not – it lived up to the innovation hype, but didn’t work for me as a staging of the song. Stefania was great, as well. So it’s a tricky one for me.

What was our favourite moments of the day?

Jazzi: My favourite moment had to be when I realised this morning that the Estonian HOP had accidentally gone onto Uku’s account yesterday and had posted as if he was him. I just feel it was fun part 2 of yesterday’s saga as Rory mentioned as his favourite part of yesterday.

Rory: My favourite moment was in the Serbian press conference, when Hurricane chose each of the questions they would answer, leaving host Koos out of a job for the meet and greet.

Rosie: Benny Cristo’s press conference. I asked him what his favourite film scene to recreate in the music video for Omaga was, and he said he enjoyed The Lady and The Tramp because he got to make ears from the dreadlocks he had at the time, and then dog-howled the tune.

Tomorrow, we will be continuing to bring you further coverage of all the rehearsals and press conferences as we cover the second half of the second semi-final! We will be giving you live updates everyday on our Twitter account right up until the final. We will also continue giving you daily evening recaps over on our Youtube channel!

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Photo Credit: Andres Putting/EBU

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