🇦🇱 TES Reviews: Good ‘Karma’ for Anxhela Peristeri

🇦🇱 TES Reviews: Good ‘Karma’ for Anxhela Peristeri

Up next today is Albania, who are being represented by Anxhela Peristeri. Anxhela will be singing the song ‘Karma’ in this year’s competition.

What did we make of Albania’s rehearsal?

There is alot of smoke effects projected onto the LED throughout this run, it starts off all black with red smoke effects which switch up in time to Anxhela’s movements, for the first chorus the red smoke turns to blue! It has to be noted that Anxhela looked comfortable and at home on the stage throughout! Vocally she was stellar throughout the run as well. The smoke vibes on the LED are a bit like the start of the Fuego performance but more colourful with emphasis on red and neon blue. towards the climax of the song the smoke effects all turn to white and the LED almost looks like it has a stormy effect of on it. Anxhela is alone on stage and she is the main focus throughout with the lights shining down on her several times in key points of the song.

As the song closes all the smoke on the LED falls to the floor. This staging really emphasises the drama in the song.

What did our team think of Albania’s rehearsal?

Rory: Karma’ was one of the few songs I had no idea how it could be staged, but Albania have done a good job in keeping this fresh, modern and still quintessentially Albanian. Anxhela gave a flawless vocal performance and the staging with flashes of turquoise and strobe lights really helps to emphasise the drama in the song. The outfit I’m not as keen on, as it looks like she’s dressed as a chandelier, but overall I’m happy with how this turned out! Shock qualification for Albania anyone?

Jazzi: I like this, the staging is slick and so are Anxhela’s movements. You can tell Anxhela is a seasoned performer, she owns the stage and the camera. I thought this was quite an easy qualifier before and still do it’s engaging and memorable. I really like the red and neon blue smoke effects and with the dark staging it really makes the colours on the LED’s stand out. I do guess there could be a little more movement in the instrumental breaks but she may be saving herself for the real shows!

Rosie: What a performance from Anxhela as well! Two powerful vocals to start the morning off, just how I like it. This is the Albania we know and love at its best – the red and black staging (though, of course, they did throw some blue in there as well!) with an incredible vocalist. Some of this is beautiful – there’s a couple of shots where she’s silhouetted against the red LED wall and it’s stunning. The only thing that’s not yet there for me are the instrumental breaks. Anxhela didn’t yet seem comfortable with the dance moves she had, and I’m not sure if this is due to saving her energy or just not being much of a dancer. I’d like to see something more powerful and striking during those instrumental breaks, but I still think we’ll be seeing Albania make it to the final this year.

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News Source: EBU/ That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: Norik Uka

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