TES Recaps: Day 6/7 brings more second rehearsals

TES Recaps: Day 6/7 brings more second rehearsals

Days 6 and 7 of Eurovision rehearsals have now concluded, and we have now seen the second rehearsals from Malta and the second semi-final, as well as the first rehearsals from the automatic finalists.

Here is what we made of the second rehearsals for the second semi-final:

What were our highlights from the second semi-final?

Jazzi: Serbia, as all the members of Hurricane are giving their everything to every run-through they do!

Rory: San Marino – Senhit has been such a troll with her Flo Rida headdress while also delivering fantastic performances in every rehearsal! He also mentioned Portugal.

Rosie: Iceland – the performance is both entirely Dadi og Gagnamagnid’s style without being too predictable, and is full of joy. Also Bulgaria, because it made her cry again.

What were our lowlights of the second semi-final?

Jazzi: Poland – Rafał’s vocals are still not sounding great.

Rory: Czechia – he still loves the song, but Benny’s energy and vocal performance hasn’t so far lived up to what we’ve seen from him in other places, and it’s slightly concerning.

Rosie: Switzerland – she still loves the song, but felt the camera angles and fast cuts in today’s rehearsal did not suit it. Jazzi and Rory vehemently disagree with this!

What were our favourite moments of the day?

Jazzi: Denmark’s press conference, where Jesper mentioned he saw a stork the other day. Laurits then turned to him and said, “congratulations, you’re going to be a father!”

Rory: Rory mentioned getting to interview The Black Mamba as his favourite moment, who were lovely and gave excellent music recommendations – check out the interview here! He also mentioned getting his question answered, albeit slightly misunderstood, during Samanta Tina’s press conference. He asked her what genre(s) she wanted to move into after Eurovision, but this might have been taken as “gender” instead! Regardless, Samanta confirmed that she was just focusing on her performance for now.

Rosie: Benny Cristo’s lip sync over on the Eurovision instagram, which was to Tik Tok rapper Lubalin’s Internet Drama Part 1 (Is This Available?). Someone give him an Oscar!

Most Improved from first rehearsal?

Jazzi: Greece, who fixed their green screen, and Denmark, since we only got to see one run last time!

Rory: Austria – while he thought the first rehearsal and staging was fine, it clicked during this rehearsal. The Austrian team has created a very powerful, impactful performance!

Rosie: Also Denmark. A lot of acts arrived fully formed and no major changes have been made, so it’s hard to choose, but Denmark has been growing on her as a song and a performance.

What do you think of the second rehearsals from our semi-final two contenders? Who stood out to you? Let us know in the comments below or at social media. Don’t forget to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ over at FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

News Source: EBU/ That Eurovision Site

Photo Source: EBU/ Thomas Hanses

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