🇦🇺 Montaigne releases new song “My Life Is Better With You”

🇦🇺 Montaigne releases new song “My Life Is Better With You”

Fans of Australia’s 2021 entrant Montaigne would be thrilled to know that she has dropped a new song entitled, ‘My Life Is Better With You’. The song comes as Montaigne was unfortunately forced to reschedule her tour thanks to the ongoing COVID crisis in Australia and is the Sydney-based singer’s first offering post-Eurovision. 

About “My Life Is Better With You”

‘My Life Is Better With You’ has been used as the theme song for the podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me since March, and was released as a full song on Montaigne’s 26th birthday, August 14th, 2021.  

The song was first featured on the podcast when Montaigne herself was asked on the show as a guest to talk about her road to Rotterdam. The show itself is hosted by the three McElroy brothers and can be best described as a comedy advice show. Montaigne stated that:

“i’ve had a lot of requests for its release date bc people want it for their weddings and that honestly rules. now you can have it. bon appetit !!!”

The video clip for the song was directed and edited by Montaigne herself and features her and the three McElroy brothers of the podcast in various environments including a hammock and a living room. Montaigne herself described the clip as “silly” and that she really loves it.  Musically, ‘My Life is Better With You’ is an upbeat number that talks primarily about friendship and finding someone who you connect with. 

Listen to “My Life Is Better With You” on streaming platforms :

You are now able to listen to Montaigne’s latest single via the following streaming platforms


Apple Music

Montaigne’s Eurovision Journey

Montaigne was supposed to be Australia’s 2020 representative after winning Australia Decides 2020. After the cancellation, SBS reconfirmed her as Australia’s Eurovision representative for 2021. Unfortunately in 2021, Montaigne failed to qualify from Semi-Final 1 with her song “Technicolour”, making it Australia’s first Non-Qualification in Australia’s participation.

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Image Source: The McElroy Family YouTube

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