🇲🇹 Malta announces semi-finalists for MESC 2022

🇲🇹 Malta announces semi-finalists for MESC 2022

As we have previously reported, Malta will not be using X Factor Malta in order to select its Eurovision 2022 representative. Since then, they opened submissions for MESC 2022. As we get closer to the new year, TVM has just released the name and song titles of the 22 semi-finalists that will be competing at MESC 2022.

22 semi-finalists compete for the win

TVM has revealed the 22 artists as well as the name of their entries. A Semi-Final will take place to whittle down the entries to 16, where an expert jury and the public song will then select Malta’s entry for Turin. At the time of writing, it has been revealed that the semi-finals and the final, to select the Maltese entry for Turin, will take place in February.

“A Lover’s Heart”Nicole HammettJoe Julian FarrugiaCyprian Cassar
“Aphrodisiac”Jessica GrechGerard James BorgPhilip Vella
“Army”Janice MangionEmil Calleja BaylissCyprian Cassar / Mark Scicluna
“Boy”Denise MerciecaAidan CassarAidan Cassar
“Come Around”Matt BLXCKMatt BLXCKMatt BLXCK / David Grech
“Electric Indigo”Baklava Ft NicoleGerard James BorgPhilip Vella
“Heaven”Sarah BonniciAidan CassarAidan Cassar
“Hey Little”Richard MicallefRichard MicallefRichard Micallef
“How Special You Are”Norbert BondinShaun Farrugia / Norbert Bondin / Peter BorgShaun Farrugia / Norbert Bondin / Peter Borg
“II”Derrick SchembriEmil Calleja BaylissCyprian Cassar
“Into The Fire”Nicole AzzopardiPeter Boström / Nektarios Tyrakis / Marika LindėPeter Boström / Per Jonsson / Marika Lindė / Dimitri Stassos
“Kaleidoscope”Jessica MuscatGerard James BorgPhilip Vella
“Look What You’ve Done Now”Miriana ConteMatthew MerciecaCyprian Cassar
“Out Of Sight”Emma MuscatAntonio Caputo / Emma Muscat / Gabriel Rossi / Lorenzi Santarelli / Marco SalvaderiAntonio Caputo / Emma Muscat / Gabriel Rossi / Lorenzi Santarelli / Marco Salvaderi
“Over You”Raquel Galdes BriffaAidan CassarAidan Cassar
“Revelacion”Jade VellaAidan CassarAidan Cassar
“Rise”Francesca SciberrasEtienne MicallefMark Scicluna
“Ritmu”Aidan CassarAidan CassarAidan Cassar
“Serenity”Mark Athony BartoloMark Anthony BartoloMark Anthony Bartolo
“Shame”Enya MagriJody MagriCyprian Cassar
“We Came For Love”Malcolm PisaniMatthew MerciecaGaspare Incatasciato
“White Doves”Rachell LowellEmil Calleja BaylissYlva Persson

Malta’s Eurovision Journey

Malta made its Eurovision debut in 1971, with Joe Grech performing “Marija I-Maltija” (Maria the Maltese Lass), finishing 18th with 52 points. Malta did not participate in Eurovision from 1975 until 1991. That year they returned with the song “Could It Be” by Paul Giordimaina and Georgina, finishing 12th with 32 points. Since then, Malta has been at every Eurovision and finished in the top 10 an impressive 12 times. Their best result so far is second place, which they’ve achieved twice. The first time was in 2002, when Ira Losco sang “7th Wonder,” and the second time in 2005 with Chiara’s “Angel.” Malta’s most recent Eurovision entry was 2015 Junior Eurovision winner Destiny, who scored 255 points and finished 7th with the song “Je me casse.”

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News Source: TVM

Photo Source: TVM

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