Editorial: Eurovision 2021 – What A Year

Editorial: Eurovision 2021 – What A Year

It is almost time to raise a glass, belt out ‘Auld Lang Syne’, and welcome in 2022. But first, let’s reflect back on 2021 and this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, one more time before it officially becomes a contest of the past.   

The Year of Måneskin

Now, of course, this year’s Eurovision will be remembered for giving Italy its 3rd win – 31 years after its last victory, propelling Måneskin onto the global stage and up the music charts. Following the contest, Måneskin has gone on to perform on American television; at the American Music Awards; at the Global Citizen Concert in Paris, and at the MTV European Music Awards – where they also picked up the award for Best Rock Act. They really did prove that “Rock and Roll Never Dies”. I am sure there will be no end to their success in 2022 either.   

Welcome to Flo Rida

We all got a big surprise when San Marino announced Flo Rida would be featuring on their entry with Senhit. But would he appear on stage? They kept us guessing all the way to Rotterdam. Bikini expert Flo Rida did turn up in time to open Semi-Final 2 and went on to compete in the Final alongside Eurovision’s favourite fun aunt Senhit. This was San Marino’s 3rd appearance in the Final of their 11 entries. Although it wasn’t a case of 3rd time lucky, Adrenalina was severely underrated, only managing coming 22nd and the televote not showing them much love.

0 x 4 = Nul points shocker

At least San Marino got a bit of love from the televote in the form of 13 points, the same can’t be said for 4 of the Automatic Finalists. In a moment that will go down in history, as our jaws dropped when the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and The Netherlands all received nul points from the public. Instinct would tell us something had gone very wrong, but in such a strong field with each nation only able to give points to 10 countries, could you justify voting for these 4 over any of the other songs? It was a real shame especially for host’s The Netherlands – Jeangu Macrooy give us an excellent performance of a great song.  For the Netherlands, Spain, and Germany the juries had some points for them. 

Out of the Embers

This was not the case for Royaume-Uni who come out on both halves of the voting with nothing. Eurovision 2021 seen a first under the current voting system introduced in 2016, The UK was the first to pick up a complete zero (out of possible 912). This must make it Eurovision’s worst scoring song. Embers wasn’t a terrible song, it was just really bland and totally forgettable, in 2022 the is only one way for the United Kingdom to go and that is up. We are all rooting for TaP Music to do a complete 180° next year.   

Our Jury gives 12 points to…

Our tour of Europe to receive the jury votes from the spokespersons is a highlight for many, this year didn’t disappoint with the return of Epic Sax Guy; Carola featuring a man’s arm and a fan; child labour in Greece, showing them how it’s done; the Film Star Jaja ding dong guy; Ida Nowakowska as a Zebra; Ell and Nikki 10 years later and we watched Amanda Holden through the gaps between our fingers.   

Records Broken

2021 set new records in Eurovision. Eden Alene for Israel reached the highest note on a Eurovision stage with a B6, not a dog in sight after that. Natalia Gordienko was back this year and did not disappoint with Sugar, she ended the song with the longest note that Eurovision has seen at 17 seconds long, now breathe.   

Thank you Rotterdam

The fact that Eurovision was able to take place this year after the heartbreak of 2020 was an outstanding achievement from EBU, Europe, and Australia’s broadcasters, and the wonderful people of The Netherlands. The Pandemic didn’t make it straightforward, for the first-time backup tapes for each country were made beforehand; Australia used theirs as they were unable to travel to Rotterdam. Pre-recorded backing vocals were also now allowed. Iceland relayed on their dress rehearsal because of positive cases of covid in their team. Considering where we were with the pandemic and where we are today, the fact that an audience could attend all of the shows was a big victory.   

I thought the standard this year was truly sky-high; Rotterdam put on a fantastic show despite every obstacle. Eurovision 2021 is already one of my favourite Eurovision ever. 39 incredible and unique songs, as ever there was something for everyone, I can’t get enough of these performances. As we wave goodbye to 2021, let’s also remember a truly specular and memorable year for the Eurovision Song Contest. Italy it is over to you now.

What was your favourite moment from 2021? Are you excited for this Eurovision season? As always, please let us know what you think by commenting below. Be sure to follow ‘THAT Eurovision Site’ on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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Photo Source: NPO/NOS/AVROTROS/ Nathan Reinds

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