🇮🇪 Songs for Eurosong 2022 revealed

🇮🇪 Songs for Eurosong 2022 revealed

Throughout the week, the songs for Eurosong 2022 have been revealed. The songs were played on RTÉ Radio 1 on The Ryan Tubridy Show. This year RTÉ is using the Late Late Show to select Ireland’s Eurovision representative. The Late Late Show was used to select Ireland’s participants in 2006 and 2007, the format was then used between 2009 and 2015 before the country opted for an internal selection. Eurosong 2022 will take place on February 4th 2022.

Songs and Artists for Eurosong 2022

Brendan Murray“Real Love”Brendan Murray, Darrell Coyle
Rachel Goode“I’m Loving Me”Anna Engh
Janet Grogan“Ashes of Yesterday”Aidan O’Connor, John Emil, Sandra Wikström
Brooke Scullion “That’s Rich”Brooke Scullion, Izzy Warner, Karl Zine
Patrick O’Sullivan“One Night, One Kiss, One Promise”Danny O’Reilly, Lar Kaye, Nicky Byrne
Miles Graham “Yeah, we’re gonna get out of it”Miles Graham Miley / Justin Broad / Paul Herman

Meet the artists

Rachel Goode

Rachel is from County Galway, she already has experience performing in front of crowds, having already performed in Ireland’s National Concert Hall. When speaking to eurovision.tv Rachel said:

‘When I am singing, I am in my own world, nothing else seems to matter in that moment and it’s the best feeling ever.’

Rachel Goode on performing live.

Brendan Murray

This isn’t Brendan’s first attempt at Eurovision. Brendan represented Ireland back in 2017 with his song “Dying To Try”. This year Brendan will be hoping for better luck as his song failed to qualify for the Grand Final of Eurovision 2017. Talking about his new song “Real Love Brendan told eurovision.tv

The meaning behind Real Love is not realising what was right in front of you the whole time. You’ve ignored and put the thought of it to one side but then you come to that realization that you should have said what you felt a long time ago.

You’ve convinced and made excuses for yourself when you really should have told that person how you really felt

Brendan Murray on his Eurosong 2022 entry “Real Love”

Janet Grogan

Janet has competed in Eurovision before- as a backing vocalist for Ryan O’Shaughnessy in 2018. In 2014 and 2016 Janet competed on the X Factor, however she failed to progress to the Live shows. Janet will be hoping for better luck in Eurosong 2022 with her song “Ashes Of Yesterday”. When talking about her song to eurovision.tv, Janet said the following:

 ‘Ashes of Yesterday is all about rebuilding yourself up after disappointment, to not let self-doubt or others bring you down. The message is so powerful and encouraging, especially after the tough few years everyone has had. I want to uplift people and if I can do it while representing Ireland, that would be a dream come true.’

Janet Grogan on her song “Ashes To Yesterday”

Brooke Scullion

Brooke, like many of the other Eurosong 2022 participants, has a history of competing in front of audiences. In 2020 Brooke was a finalist on The Voice and has even duetted with Ella Eyre as part of that process. Brooke has also been recognized by BBC Introducing. When talking about her influences for her song “That’s Rich” Brooke cited Blondie, going on to tell eurovision.tv.

‘I was reading Debbie Harry’s autobiography and wanted to encapsulate the attitude she portrayed in her life.’

Brooke Scullion on the influences behind “That’s Rich”

Patrick O’Sullivan

Patrick has performed in several West End Productions including “Carrie” and “Doctor Dolittle”, so is no stranger to big audiences. Late last year Patrick won Ireland’s talent show “Last Singer Standing” However when talking to eurovision.tv, it is clear Patrick has one dream he is yet to fulfil.

‘I have always loved Eurovision; I grew up watching it with my family and have fond memories of the whole family sitting down to watch it together. I love how it has evolved over the years and has grown to incorporate so many more elements of the performance beyond singing. It’s the highest honour you can have, to represent your country. It would be a privilege and a dream come true. ‘One Night, One Kiss, One Promise’ is a story about a modern romance, it’s a love story set to a fantastic upbeat melody.’

Patrick O’Sullivan on Eurovision dream and his song “One Night, One Kiss, One Promise”

Miles Graham

Miles has been in the music business since 2018, he is a singer/songwriter, he has also performed on The Late Late Show in the past. When talking to eurovision.tv he talked about how his song came about.

 ‘I wrote the song around April/May 2020 while on the first lockdown at home with my kids. I’m so proud of this song and the way it organically came about. It’s got a real sense of hope and community about it. It would be amazing if it ends up representing Ireland at the Eurovision.’

Miles Graham on how “Yeah We’re Gonna Get Out Of It” came about

Ireland’s Eurovision Journey

Ireland debuted at Eurovision in 1965 with Butch Moore’s “Walking the Streets in the Rain”, which finished in sixth place. They have gone on to win the contest a record seven times, most recently with Eimear Quinn’s “The Voice” in 1996. Though they have been less successful in recent years, they have still turned out memorable entries such as Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s “Together”, which qualified for the Grand Final in 2018 and finished in 16th place.

Most recently, Lesley Roy represented Ireland at Eurovision 2021 with the song “Maps”. Ultimately, her ambitious staging was not enough to qualify Ireland to the Grand Final. However, “Maps” and her 2020 entry “Story of My Life” have become fan-favorites.

Are you enjoying Ireland’s songs? Are you looking forward to Ireland’s national final? Who would you like to represent Ireland at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments or on social. Be sure to follow THAT Eurovision Site on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

News Source: RTÉ/eurovision.tv

Photo Source: Brendan Murray/BM Records/ Rachel Goode/ House Of Solo/ PR/ Janet Grogan/RTÉ

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