🇦🇺 Evie Irie joins Isaiah Firebrace on Eurovision Australia Decides

🇦🇺 Evie Irie joins Isaiah Firebrace on Eurovision Australia Decides

As we get closer to February, we receive further information about Eurovision – Australia Decides. Tonight, it was revealed, that Isaiah Firebrace will be joined by Evie Irie in this year’s competition, with the entry “When I’m With You”.

“I never EVER thought I’d have the chance to play at Eurovision”

Speaking about the confirmation that she will be competing, Evie mentioned that she never thought she’d get the chance to try to get to Eurovision:

“If there’s one thing I like as much as creating music for my own projects, it’s writing with other artists for their projects: it’s not work, it’s just fun!  So when Isaiah and his team asked me to do Eurovision with this random wonderful song called, When I’m With You, that we had such a great time writing together, I was seriously shook. I never EVER thought I’d have the chance to play at Eurovision and I just can’t say no to Isaiah.”

Eurovision alum Isaiah Firebrace mentions how he can’t wait for the world to know Evie as he does:

“Sometimes life takes you on a very unusual journey. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined doing Eurovision – Australia Decides with Evie Irie but I am so thankful that our planets aligned and we get to do this together.  We wrote the song together, we jumped out of a plane together and we want to represent Australia together. Being together is what the song is all about and what the world needs right now. I’m incredibly proud to being doing this with Evie – she’s so unique and so special… wait until the world gets to know her like I have!!!”

You are already able to pre-save “When I’m With You” right here

More news about Australia Decides

In other news, Jude York’s entry “I Won’t Need to Dream” and Voyager’s entry “Dreamer” have both been released, ahead of the competition. You are able to listen to both entries, on our Spotify playlist below:

On it’s release, Danny Estrin (Vocals & Keytar for Voyager) had the following to say

“As humans, we tend to look to the stars and glorify what could be. Simply, Dreamer is about looking at the here, the now and valuing what we have around us. Especially over the last two years, hopes and dreams vs the tiny locked down bubble we live in has been a constant push and pull… It’s good to be a dreamer, but the grass isn’t necessarily always greener. We’re bringing this track to Eurovision – Australia Decides as our official entry and we can’t wait to finally be on stage again!”

Whilst Jude York had the following to say:

I Won’t Need to Dream was written by Billy Stonecipher and myself as the message we needed to hear. During this time when the future seems so precarious and it’s impossible to make plans, I couldn’t help but feel a little hopeless – about my life, relationships and career. Billy and I toyed around with a few different ways of translating that emotion into music but it all fell together when I played that first line on piano. The song practically wrote itself from there. We were really inspired by songs of the 30’s and 40’s like Dream by the Pied Pipers and Over The Rainbow by Judy Garland. The lyrics are simple and optimistic and writing it felt like I was consoling myself, singing a lullaby to help me get through this difficult patch. We’ve all had an incredibly tough two years and it’s so easy to feel hopeless. I want this song to be like a warm hug to anyone who listens to it, a gentle reminder that things can get better and that dreams eventually become reality. For me, this song has already taken me further than I thought possible.”

Finally, as for the 11 artists competing (the Tik-Tok Wildcard Artist) in the competition, its been revealed that the winner will be revealed on the 4th February.

Australia’s Eurovision Journey

Being the latest country to debut into the Eurovision Song Contest; Australia debuted into the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015, with Guy Sebastian representing the land down-under with his entry “Tonight Again”, where they managed to place 5th. Since their debut, they have managed to participate every single year in the competition. In 2021, Australia was represented by Montaigne, with her song “Technicolour”, which managed to place 14th in its Semi-Final, with 28 points.

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News Source: SBS

Photo Source: SBS

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