🇲🇩 Format of  Moldova’s Selecţia Naţională’s live auditions revealed

🇲🇩 Format of Moldova’s Selecţia Naţională’s live auditions revealed

After the reveal of the competing entries in Moldova’s Selecţia Naţională; the live audition will take place on the 29th of January. TRM has now revealed the process of the live audition.

Jury to assess the song + vocal capabilities of the singer

The live audition of the competing entries will take place on the 29th of January at 13:00CET, and will be aired on Moldova 2. The audition process is set to last for three hours. During the audition process, the jury will judge the competing entries based on the song, as their vocals.

After the auditions take place, the jury would then determine the results of the audition process, with the reveal taking place in Moldova’s evening news program at 18:00CET

The competing entries for this year are as follows:

Ana Cernicova“Silent Battlefield”
Angel Kiss“The Sunshine in Me”
Annet Smirnova“Toxic Eyes”
Carolina Gorun and Danieli Shvets“Take Me Anywhere”
Denis Midone“Run Away”
Diana Elmas“Spirit High”
Dianna Rotaru“My Time Is Now”
Emilia Vlas“Yama”
Ferum “Love Is”
Katy Rain“Lele”
Lanjeron“Magic Carpet”
Marcela Scripcaru“Starlight”
Maxim Zavidia“Ready”
Mihaela Andrei“Free”
Naminal“Stop Tonight”
Pelageya Stefoglo“I’m The Only One”
Ricky Ardezianu“Cherche La Femme”
Sendrei“Beginners Luck”
Sasha Bognibov“(I Just Had) Sex with Your Ex”
Sasha Bognibov“My Best Friend Is Gay”
The Tramps“Sky Blues”
Trio Eva“Get A Kiss”
Tudor Bumbac“Larta-Ma Ca Te Iubesc”
Valeria Barbas“My Tree”
Viola Julea“Before (Twin Flame)”
Viorela Moraru“Tell Me4 That You Love Me”
Y-Limit“Nothing More”
Zdob şi Zdub and Fraţii Advahov“Trenuleţul”

Among those who submitted an entry is Zdob şi Zdub, who represented the nation twice in 2005 with “Boonika bate doba” and in 2011 with “So Lucky”.

You are able to listen to the competing songs over at eurovision.md.

Moldova’s Eurovision Journey

Moldova is relatively new to the Eurovision Song Contest, joining in 2005. Their debut entry, Zdob si Zdub, finished in 6th place, which had remained their highest-scoring entry up until 2017. This was thanks to the Sunstroke Project performing ‘Hey Mamma’, finishing in 3rd place. At the close of voting, Moldova received 374 points.

In 2021, Natalia Gordienko represented Moldova at the Contest in Rotterdam. Performing her song ‘Sugar’, Moldova qualified for the final and finished in 13th place. Following the jury and televote points, Natalia had received 115 points.

What do you make of the news from Moldova? Which song are you excited about? Who do you think will represent Moldova in Eurovision 2022? As always, let us know what you think by getting involved in the comments below. In addition, be sure to follow us at ‘That Eurovision Site’ on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all news about Eurovision.

News Source: TRM

Photo Source: TRM

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