­čç«­čçŞ Songs and artists for S├Ângvakeppnin 2022 revealed

­čç«­čçŞ Songs and artists for S├Ângvakeppnin 2022 revealed

Icelandic broadcaster R├ÜV has revealed all the songs and artists competing in S├Ângvakeppnin 2022, their National Final for Eurovision. S├Ângvakeppnin 2022 kicks off with the first semi-final on February 26, with the final to be held March 12.

What songs and artists competing in S├Ângvakeppnin 2022?

Semi-Final 1, February 26

ArtistSong titleSongwriter(s)
AmarosisDon’t You KnowM├ír Gunnarsson and ├Źsold Wilberg.
Stef├ín ├ôliLj├│si├░ / All I KnowAndri ├×├│r J├│nsson, Birgir Steinn Stef├ínsson and Stef├ín Hilmarsson
Haffi HaffG├şa / VolcanoSteinar J├│nsson, Hafsteinn ├×├│r Gu├░j├│nsson and Sigur├░ur ├üsgeir ├ürnason.
Stefan├şa Svavarsd├│ttirHjarta├░ mitt / Heart of MineHalld├│r Gunnar P├ílsson and Magn├║s ├×├│r Sigmundsson
Sigga, Beta and El├şnMe├░ h├Žkkandi s├│lLovi╠üsa Eli╠üsabet Sigru╠ünardo╠üttir

Semi-Final 2, March 5

ArtistSong titleSongwriter(s)
Mark├ęta Irglov├íM├Âgulegt / PossibleMark├ęta Irglov├í and Sturla Mio ├×├│risson
SUNCITY & SANNAH├Žkkum ├ş botn / Keep it coolSveinn R├║nar Sigur├░sson, Valgeir Magn├║sson, Dav├ş├░ Gu├░brandsson, Sanna Martinez, Anders Eriksson and Marc Caplice
Reykjavi╠ükurd├Žtur (Daughters of Reykjavi╠ük)T├Âkum af sta├░ / Turn This AroundReykjavi╠ükurd├Žtur (Daughters of Reykjavi╠ük)
Katla├×a├░an af / Then AgainJ├│hannes Damian Patreksson, Kristinn ├ôli S. Haraldsson, Hafsteinn ├×r├íinsson and Snorri Beck
Hanna Mia Brekkan and The AstroutouristsS├ęns me├░ ├ż├ęr / GeminiHanna Mia Brekkan, N├şna Richter, and Sakaris Emil Joensen.

All songs are also available for streaming, with the official S├Ângvakeppnin 2022 album including the Icelandic, English and karaoke versions of all songs.

Who might you recognize?

This year’s S├Ângvakeppnin features a range of artists, from new names on the S├Ângvakeppnin stage to returning artists with a host of experience.

Haffi Haff competed in 2008, making it to the semi-finals with “The Wiggle Wiggle Song.” Meanwhile, Stefan├şa Svavarsd├│ttir has competed in S├Ângvakeppnin three times before, appearing in the semi-finals in 2013, 2015 and 2018. In 2013, she performed her duet “Til ├ż├şn” with J├│gvan Hansen, while in 2015 she competed solo with “Augnablik.” In 2018 she took the stage as part of Stefania, Agnes and Reg├şna with the song “Svaka stu├░.” She also was a part of Iceland’s Eurovision jury in 2018.

SUNCITY & SANNA also have previous S├Ângvakeppnin experience. SUNCITY is the stage name of S├│lborg Gu├░brandsd├│ttir, who competed in the 2018 edition with “├ëg og ├ż├║,” a duet with T├│mas Wehmeier. SANNA meanwhile was one of the writers of “Echo,” which finished 5th in S├Ângvakeppnin 2020.

Everything we know about S├Ângvakeppnin 2022

S├Ânvakeppnin will have the same format in 2022 as in previous years, with two semi-finals and one final. The contest will start on February 26, with the second semi-final to be held March 5. The final, in which Iceland will decide on its Eurovision representative, will take place March 12. This is one week later than originally announced due to covid measures. The contest will be hosted by Bj├Ârg Magn├║sd├│ttir, J├│n J├│nsson and Ragnhildur Steinunn J├│nsd├│ttir.

Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest

Iceland made its debut on the Eurovision stage in 1986, finishing 16th with the song ÔÇťGle├░ibankinnÔÇŁ (Bank of fun) by ICY. In its 33 appearances, Iceland has finished in the top ten an impressive seven times. IcelandÔÇÖs best result to date is second place, which it has achieved twice. The first time was in 1999, when Selma Bj├Ârnsd├│ttir received 146 points for her performance of ÔÇťAll Out of Luck.ÔÇŁ The second time was in 2009, with Yohanna singing ÔÇťIs it TrueÔÇŁ and receiving 218 points. IcelandÔÇÖs most recent representative on the Eurovision stage was Da├░i og Gagnamagni├░ with the song ÔÇť10 Years,ÔÇŁ finishing fourth with 378 points.

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News Source: RÚV

Photo Source: RÚV

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