🎤 Three Live-On Tape performances recorded in Serbia

🎤 Three Live-On Tape performances recorded in Serbia

This year delegations will be required to provide live-on tape recordings of their Eurovision 2022 entries. This measure was put in place in 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic. The countries that have already done their live on tapes include Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia.

Where are the performances being recorded?

The back up performances are being recorded at the RTS Studios. The studio was used to host the Serbian national final Pesma Zu Evroviziju. The national final was won by Konstrakta with her song “In corpore sano”

What is a Live-On Tape performance?

A Live-On Tape performance is essentially a back-up performance. Last year they were used in the event that a delegation could not travel to Rotterdam. This proved to be the case for the Australian delegation in 2021, due to the strict travel restrictions in place in the country at the time. Iceland also had to use a back up performance, however instead of the one they recorded in Iceland they used rehearsal footage, recorded in Rotterdam. Iceland had to use a Live-On tape due to the fact several members of Daði & Gagnamagnið tested positive for Covid-19 during Eurovision 2021.

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News Source: Eurovoix/Eurovision Macedonia

Photo Source: RTS

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