🇧🇬 Intelligent Music Project: “Eurovision is getting better and better, and every year there are new trends and new shows.”

🇧🇬 Intelligent Music Project: “Eurovision is getting better and better, and every year there are new trends and new shows.”

At London Eurovision Party, Rory has the chance to speak to Intelligent Music Project, who will represent Bulgaria with their song “Intention” at Eurovision 2022. They discuss how the band formed, the divisive reaction amongst the Bulgarian public for their song, and Stoyan’s advice for the band following his two previous Eurovision experiences.

About Intelligent Music Project

The rock supergroup has gone through multiple transformations in its line up. It currently consists of Ronny Romero, Bisser Ivanov, Slavin Slavchev, Ivo Stefanov, Dimiter Sirakov and Stoyan Yankoulov. The band originally formed in 2012, and since then have released six studio albums alongside their more recent singles releases.

Eurovision fans will be familiar with Stoyan, who has represented Bulgaria twice – in 2007, with “Voda (Water)” which placed 5th, and in 2013 with “Samo Shampioni” which placed 12th in the semi-final.

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Bulgaria’s Eurovision Journey

Bulgaria debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2005 with the song “Lorraine” sung by Kaffe. The song came 19th in the semi-final, scoring 49 points. Following a string of non-qualifications, Bulgaria took a short break from the contest in 2014 and 2015, returning in 2016 with Poli Genova. Her entry, “If Love Was A Crime”, placed 4th overall. This was followed by Bulgaria’s best ever result in 2017 with “Beautiful Mess” by Kristian Kostov, which placed 2nd in the Grand Final with 615 points.

In 2021, Bulgaria was represented by VICTORIA, with “Growing Up Is Getting Old”. The song placed 11th in the Grand Final with 170 points.

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