🇦🇺 Emily Griggs named as new Head of Delegation for Australia

🇦🇺 Emily Griggs named as new Head of Delegation for Australia

In an interview with Aussievision, Australia’s delegation member Paul Clarke confirmed that they have a new Head of Delegation. Emily Griggs, who is the Head of Entertainment at SBS Australia has also been named the country’s new Head of Delegation. This year Australia will be represented by Sheldon Riley. Sheldon will perform in the second Eurovision semi-final on Thursday May 12th.

An insight into Emily Griggs’ plans for Australia

Australia is down to participate in Eurovision until 2023. However, conversations about getting an extension beyond 2023 by the EBU are already ongoing. Paul Clarke said the following to Aussievision in regards to the extension.

“We will definitely be talking to the EBU about the extension. We may take a photograph of us just going down on one knee and kind of praying just holding their hands… It the job of our new Head of Delegation Emily Griggs who will be talking directly to the EBU folk about that”

Paul Clarke to Aussievision about Emily Griggs’ role.

Paul confirmed that the delegation will have more of an idea of how things will pan out after this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has taken place.

Australia in the Eurovision Song Contest

After being invited to compete in 2015 Guy Sebastian represented Australia with “Tonight Again”, which placed 5th Overall. Their best result came a year later in 2016 when Dami Im came second with her song ‘Sound Of Silence’. ‘Sound of Silence’ scored 511 points in the Grand Final and was the jury winner of the contest.

Australia’s recent participation saw Australia being represented by Montaigne (who was due to represent them in 2020), with the song “Technicolour”, which unfortunately placed 14th in the Semi-Final.

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News Source: Aussievision

Photo Source: Ken Nakanishi

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