🇨🇭 TES Preview: Minimalistic and Bright for Marius Bear in his second rehearsal

🇨🇭 TES Preview: Minimalistic and Bright for Marius Bear in his second rehearsal

Today, second rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 kicked off. Countries rehearsing on Day 5 include Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, The Netherlands Moldova, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Austria, and Greece. Next to rehearse today was Switzerland’s Marius Bear.

Marius Bear’s second rehearsal

Today we got to watch Marius Bear’s second rehearsal from the online Press Centre. We got an in-depth preview of how his staging will look on TV on Tuesday 10th May, when he performs in the first Eurovision semi-final. You can watch a small clip of his second rehearsal here!

What can we see from Switzerland’s second rehearsal

As we saw during the first dress rehearsal, we see Marius standing in the middle of the stage, with bright lights being directed toward him. As we progress further into the song, we see the background LEDs being used, where we see teardrops. Overall, close-up shots were predominant with some shots being used on the sides.

What Happened in the first rehearsal

After Marius’s first rehearsal, Jazzi gave her initial thoughts on the snippet that we saw. You can see how she felt about his first rehearsal by checking our TikTok here:

@thateurosite #CapCut We react to Marius Bear’s first @eurovision rehearsal! #Switzerland #Eurovision #BoysDoCry #fyp ♬ original sound – thateurosite

About Marius Bear

The 28 year-old-musicians come from Appenzell in Switzerland. He first found out about his singing talent, when he was undertaking his compulsory military service with the Swiss army:

From 2016, he gave up his pathway to becoming a construction machinery mechanic to under to tour Germany and Switzerland as a street musician. A few years later, he release his first album in 2019 “Not Loud Enough” which charted in the Top 20 of the Swiss album charts. In the same year, he won the Swiss Music Award for “Best Talent”.

Upon the release of his Eurovision entry, it’s also been revealed that his new album, also titled “Boys Do Cry” will be released on the 25th of March. You can now pre-save the entry here.

Switzerland’s Eurovision Journey

In 1956, Switzerland was one of the countries that debuted in the inaugural competition in 1956, where they won with Lys Assia and “Refrain”. Since then they have participated on 61 occasions, with 50 of them making the Grand Final.

Switzerland’s recent participation saw them being represented by Gjon’s Tears with their song “Tout l’Univers”, which saw them qualify for the Grand Final for a second consecutive participation. Overall, Switzerland finished 3rd, after receiving 432 points from the jury and televoters.

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News Source: EBU

Photo Source: EBU/Nathan Reinds

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