🇸🇮 TES Preview: Elevated staging for LPS in their second rehearsal

🇸🇮 TES Preview: Elevated staging for LPS in their second rehearsal

Today, second rehearsals for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 kicked off. Countries rehearsing on Day 5 include Albania, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, The Netherlands Moldova, Portugal, Croatia,Denmark, Austria and Greece. Next to rehearse today was Slovenia’s LPS.

LPS’s second rehearsal

Today we got to watch LPS’s second rehearsal from the online Press Centre. We got an in-depth preview of what their performance will look like on TV on Tuesday 10th May, when they perform in the first Eurovision semi-final. You can watch a small clip of their second rehearsal here!

We will post the Official Youtube clip of the second rehearsal when it has become available

What can we see from Slovenia’s second rehearsal

On centre stage and star of the show, it is the disco ball! From the get go, we get lots of lights and a combination of mostly wide and medium camera shots. The lights from the sun are gold-coloured and frequently point at the disco ball, making it reflect to its fullest. As far as the performance itself is concerned, LPS act pretty much exactly the same as they did in their EMA performances. The camera work is more extensive however: we zoom and pan all over the stage. Every member of the band gets a moment to be the centre of attention, which is lovely.

Towards the end of the song, the band stand around the disco ball while the camera pans around them, which is a very cool visual. The closing shot is the band posing as they did at EMA, with all the lights pointed at the disco ball that they are standing around.

What Happened in LPS’s first rehearsal

After LPS’s first rehearsal, Angus gave his initial thoughts on the snippet that we saw. You can discover his impressions of their first rehearsal by checking our TikTok here:

@thateurosite #stitch with @eurovision Slovenia’s @lps_band were up next on this first day for rehearsals. They brought everything you need for a disco, including an enormous disco ball! #eurovision #esc2022 #slovenia ♬ original sound – thateurosite

About LPS

LPS (short for Last Pizza Slice) are a Slovenian teenage pop band. Their five members are Filip (vocal), Gašper (drums), Mark (electric guitar), Zala (bass guitar, saxophone), and Žiga (electric keyboard). They formed in 2018 in the music room of their school. LPS plays music in a variety of genres, from disco to soul, rock, and more. They won the right to represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2022 by winning EMA, having gone through all the other rounds of EMA and EMA Freš to get all the way to Turin.

Slovenia’s Eurovision Journey

In 1993, Slovenia made its debut in the Eurovision Song Contest with 1X Band and the song “Tih deževen dan”, which placed 22nd. Since their debut, they have participated 26 times (15 of which where they qualified for the Grand Final).

Slovenia’s recent Eurovision participation, saw them being represented by Ana Soklič with the song “Amen”, which placed 13th in the first semi-final receiving 44 points from the jury and televoters.

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News Source: EBU

Photo Source: EBU/Andres Putting

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