EBU releases statement in regards to Online Abuse

EBU releases statement in regards to Online Abuse

As the rehearsals are taking place, the EBU has released a statement in regards to the online abuse being directed to those working at this year’s competition on their personal social media accounts.

Discuss this year’s show in a civilized and respectful way

Whilst the rehearsals continue on, the participating artists, alongside the production team, have been subject to online abuse. Whilst the EBU encourages freedom of speech, it also emphasizes that artists, crew, and volunteers should be able to carry out their work without targeted abuse, threats, and harassment.

The EBU has also mentioned in their statement that they are working with their social media partners to report the people to relevant local authorities in serious cases.

The team at ‘That Eurovision SIte’ welcomes this statement from the EBU and would like to remind online followers and fans that the delegations and the team have spent numerous hours putting on a show for the viewers across the world. It is vital to respect not only the hard work behind the scenes from all involved, but also to respect the Eurovision principles of inclusion and cooperation through how we interact not only in Eurovision-specific circles, but in all of what we do and how we live.

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News Source: EBU

Photo Source: Francesca Monitaro

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