🇧🇪 Watch Jérémie Makiese’s Live On Tape performance for Eurovision 2022

🇧🇪 Watch Jérémie Makiese’s Live On Tape performance for Eurovision 2022

It has been over a month since Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin Italy. Today the Live-On-Tape performances that were recorded in the event an artist could not perform in Turin continues to be released. The next performance that was released was Jérémie Makiese’s performance of their song “Miss You”.

About Jérémie Makiese

Jérémie Makiese has been involved in music from a young age, singing in a church choir alongside his mother in his childhood. He rose to fame on The Voice Belgique, winning season 9 in 2021.

Outside of music, Jérémie is a talented footballer, playing as a goalkeeper for some of Belgium’s major clubs. He has also undertaken a Geology degree, though has put this on pause right now to focus on his music and sports careers!

What is a Live-On-Tape

A Live-On Tape performance is essentially a backup performance. Last year they were used in the event that a delegation could not travel to Rotterdam. This proved to be the case for the Australian delegation in 2021, due to the strict travel restrictions in place in the country at the time. Iceland also had to use a backup performance, however instead of the one they recorded in Iceland they used rehearsal footage, recorded in Rotterdam. Iceland had to use a Live-On tape due to several members of Daði & Gagnamagnið testing positive for Covid-19 during Eurovision 2021.

Watch the Other Live-On-Tape Performances

At the time of writing, you can now watch the Live-On-Tape performances for Ronela Hajati (Albania), LUM!X and Pia Maria (Austria) Intelligent Music Project (Bulgaria), Mia Dimšić (Croatia), REDDI (Denmark), Stefan (Estonia), The Rasmus (Finland), Amanda Tenfjord (Greece), Systur (Iceland), Brooke (Ireland), Michael Ben David (Israel), Citi Zēni (Latvia), Monika Liu (Lithuania), Emma Muscat (Malta), LPS (Slovenia), Marius Bear (Switzerland), Vladana (Montenegro), Ochman (Poland), MARO (Portugal), WRS (Romania), Achille Lauro (San Marino), Konstrakta (Serbia).

Belgium’s Eurovision Journey

Belgium is a country that has been there since the beginning of the Eurovision Song Contest back in 1958, back in 1958 countries could submit two songs, for Belgium that year they were ‘Messieurs les noyes de la Seine’ by Fud Leclerc and ‘Le plus beau jour de ma vie’ by Mony Marc. To this day we do not know the final results of Eurovision 1958. Belgium has taken part in every Eurovision Song Contest since 1958, however, they have only ever won once back in 1986 with Sandra Kim singing the song ‘Jamie la vie’ scoring 176 points.

In 2022, Belgium was represented by Jérémie Makiese with the song “Miss You”. Makiese came 19th scoring 64 points in the Grand Final.

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News Source: EBU/RTBF

Photo Credit: EBU/Corinne Cumming

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