🇭🇷 Croatian Head of Delegation says 50 songs submitted for Dora 2023 to date

🇭🇷 Croatian Head of Delegation says 50 songs submitted for Dora 2023 to date

As countries continue to outline their selection methods for Eurovision 2023, it has been revealed that 50 songs have already been submitted to Croatia’s national broadcaster HRT for Dora 2023.

Trying to restore Dora 2023 to its former glory

In an interview with Croatian newspaper Vecernji.hr, Head of Delegation Tomislav Štengl said that 50 songs have been submitted to HRT for the upcoming edition. The submissions window for the competition is set to close on the 20th of November. Despite this, Štengl said that a final wave of submissions is expected in the coming days.

As well as the announcement of submissions, Dora 2023 is expected to undergo a transformation. HRT is debating whether to introduce two semi-finals into the selection format. As well as this, radio stations would play competing songs on heavy rotation. In addition, Eurovision fans will be invited to become members of the jury in the semi-finals. The aim of this approach is to generate support for the competing songs in the hope of improving Croatia’s results at the Contest.

Speaking to Vecernji.hr, Štengl added that he wanted Dora to return to a state of glory, saying:

As every year, the quality of the song is crucial. We have never, at least in my experience, been guided by any other criteria. The song determines everything.

Of course, the more good songs come, the more satisfied we all will be, that’s why I constantly invite all authors who want to apply to send their songs, regardless of what musical style they are: rock, pop, fun, trap, etc. We want Dora to be the strongest a music festival where everyone has the opportunity to perform.

Tomislav Štengl, Head of Delegation for Croatia

A show introducing the chosen artists and songs will be broadcast on HRT in the New Year, with the final taking place in February. No specific dates have been outlined thus far.

Croatia’s Eurovision journey

Croatia has been a part of the Eurovision family since 1961, as part of Yugoslavia. Ten Croatian artists went on to represent Yugoslavia in the Contest – the most famous of which being Riva, who gave Yugoslavia its only win in 1989. The 1990 Contest was held in Zagreb as a tribute to their Croatian heritage.

Croatia debuted in the Contest as an independent nation in 1993 with the band Put and their song “Don’t Ever Cry”. Since then, Croatia has gone on to score as high as 4th place in 1996 and 1999. Last year, Mia Dimšić won Dora 2022 to represent Croatia at the Contest in Turin with her song “Guilty Pleasure”. However, at the close of voting, Mia failed to qualify for the final, finishing in 11th place with a total of 75 points.

What do you think of the number of submitted entries to Dora 2023? Will you be watching the national selection next year? Could Croatia finally score their first win in 2023? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok as we prepare for Eurovision 2023!

News Source: Vecernji.hr

Photo Credit: Luka Stanzl / Pixsell

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