🇭🇷 Hana Mašić: “The bad times and hurt will not last forever”

🇭🇷 Hana Mašić: “The bad times and hurt will not last forever”

Croatia is continuing their preparations for Dora 2023. As artists prep for national final on Saturday 11th February ,Jazzi speaks to Hana Masic. They are vying to represent Croatia in Liverpool with their song “Nesreća”.

Hi Hana, I would just like to start things off by asking how you are doing today?

I am doing really well, thanks for asking. Just busy a lot lately with all the preparations for Dora. And you?

I am doing very well. Before we continue, let’s start with a quick icebreaker by just asking if there is one thing about yourself that not many people know about.

I am very honest and very straight forward, only my family and friends would know that. Also, I have been hyperactive since a very young age, and I have had a hard time focusing during interviews and at school in the past.

For many Eurovision fans, this will be the first time they will get to know you, could you please tell us a bit more about yourself.

I’ve started to sing from a very young age, and at the age of 12 I was participating at HRT’s Croatian contest for Junior Eurovision song contest in 2003 with my first song “Otkucaj srca tvog”. Please see the link below.

I have a Master’s degree in business, and when I graduated in 2016th I applied for the biggest music show in Balkan “Zvezde Granda” where I made it to the finals and that is where my career took off. I have 9 songs of mine, and two of my favorites are “Nesreca” and “Mi smo u problemu”.

I have a cute puppy and her name is Honey. My circle of friends is very small and I am a family person. I love fashion, travelling and training at the gym. I am single, and I was never happy in previous relationships. And I always sing.

Let’s move on to Eurovision, and you will be participating at Dora 2023, can I start off by asking, what made you want to participate at the Croatian selection?

I just had a song of a lifetime, and the moment I’ve heard it I knew I have to apply for Dora. I can deeply resonate with the song because I have been through it myself. The song is a perfect ballad for Dora, and here I am.

What is the general atmosphere you wanted to go for with your song “Nesreća” for Dora 2023?

Song is about unfaithfulness, and I was cheated on in both of my longterm relationships. It is about rebuilding yourself and having support after the break up, and also finding your self-worth and happiness again. It is about loving yourself again and finding your strength. 

When the audience listens to your entry, what message would you like to send?

That the bad times and hurt will not last forever and that you have a capability to heal and rebuild yourself. Once when you go through the storm of break up you will be born again as a better version of yourself. Don’t ever give up on yourself and never let anyone other than you define you.

What would going to Eurovision and represent Croatia mean to you?

Honestly, It would be a child’s dream come true. I have tried when I was 12, and I was placed 8th I believe, and this time I am here to win. 8. Asking more about Eurovision, what is your earliest memory of the competition and what is your favourite Eurovision song (from Croatia or from another country).

I remember Maja Suput and Doris Dragovic from Croatia, I really loved both of their songs and their appearances. Also, one of my favourite was song “Molitva” from Marija Serifovic and “Lane moje” from Zeljko Joksimovic. 

As we are speaking right now, we are only a few weeks away until the live final of Dora 2023, how are you feeling?

I am very excited, and I am not having any fears as I usually would before any big performances. I really feel still and confident. It feels like I am on the right path.

How are the preparations for your live performance of “Nesreća” next month going, can you tell us anything about the staging for the song?

The only thing that I will share is that my creative director is famous Slovenian artist Kukla, and I have been rehearsing for the last one month. It will be an art show.

You have been releasing music for many years now. Are there any other parts of your discography fans of  “Nesreća” should listen to?

Yes, one of my favourite is “Mi smo u problemu” where I had a chance to work with Darko Dimitrov and Kukla for the first time, please see the link below.

Acoustic Version

Another one would be “Samo bogato” where I also worked with Darko Dimitrov and famous video producer Ljubba. Link is below.

I have collaborated with Balkaton too and I have released 3 songs with them: “Eksperiment”, “Tiruriru” and “Oci Dubaia”.

I have read that you have taken part in the Serbian music show “Zvezde Granda” . How will that experience help you prepare for Dora 2023?

Tremendously, because it gave me an opportunity to perform live so many times in front of a large audience. Every show was also watched by 5 million people all over the world. It shaped me for stage live performances basically.

Thank you for this opportunity, Is there anything you would like to say to the International viewers over at That Eurovision Site?

Honestly, just thank you for all of your love and support, and I feel very happy and excited to be a part of this big Eurovision family. Please follow me on all of my social media for details on preparation for Dora and more.

About Hana Mašić

Hana Mašić is a singer from the Croatian capital of Zagreb. Hana has experience with Eurovision before as she has already tried to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2003 – which was the first ever edition of the contest. At the time Hana was just 12 years old. Now Hana is ready to take on the adult Croatian selection , Dora 2023. In Dora 2023 Hana will sing the song “Nesreća”, the song was written by Boris Subotić. Hana is no stranger to competition though as she has already taken part in Serbia’s singing TV show “Zvezde Granda”.

Croatia’s Eurovision Journey

Croatia has been a part of the Eurovision family since 1961, as part of Yugoslavia. Ten Croatian artists went on to represent Yugoslavia in the Contest – the most famous of which being Riva, who gave Yugoslavia its only win in 1989. The 1990 Contest was held in Zagreb as a tribute to their Croatian heritage.

Croatia debuted in the Contest as an independent nation in 1993 with the band Put and their song “Don’t Ever Cry”. Since then, Croatia has gone on to score as high as 4th place in 1996 and 1999. Last year, Mia Dimšić won Dora 2022 to represent Croatia at the Contest in Turin with her song “Guilty Pleasure”. However, at the close of voting, Mia failed to qualify for the final, finishing in 11th place with a total of 75 points.

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Photo Credit: Donovan Pavleković

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