🇩🇪 Frida Gold withdraws from Unser Lied für Liverpool

🇩🇪 Frida Gold withdraws from Unser Lied für Liverpool

Germany’s national selection for Eurovision 2023 – Unser Lied für Liverpool – takes place tonight. However, Frida Gold, who was due to take part in the selection, will not participate.

Illness strikes Frida Gold vocalist

In the past week, all competing artists in Unser Lied für Liverpool have been rehearsing. However, during the first rehearsal, the lead singer for Frida Gold Alina Süggeler had held back on her vocals. This continued into the second rehearsal, where Frida Gold did not have a rehearsal. Instead, a playback of the first rehearsal was held. This was what international juries were shown ahead of the final, and the jurors were informed of this.

However, in a statement, Frida Gold said that Alina was under doctor’s orders to rest. As a result, the band will not participate in Unser Lied für Liverpool. The band said:

On the second day of rehearsals it was already clear to everyone involved that Alina Süggeler was very ill and suffering from a fever. It had to be reduced to two runs, during which she could only sing sporadically Medication would be able to stabilize her for the next day.

Unfortunately, the opposite was the case, in addition to fever, chills and acute sore throat, she had also completely lost her voice. The immediate visit to the doctor meant that he had to write her off sick for a week and her absolute bed rest prescribed.

Any short-term medical measures had not led to any acute improvement to enable a performance. After weeks of work and preparation, this is a shock and an immense disappointment for Alina and everyone involved.
It was Frida Gold’s idea and desire to present the message of the song ‘Alle Frauen In Mir Sind Müde’ in front of a large audience, because it is important to them.

The possibility of possibly singing it in Liverpool as a German contribution was also a great motivation. Frida Gold would like to thank everyone involved and the NDR and of course also her fans.

Frida Gold, Unser Lied für Liverpool participant

How will this affect the voting?

Following the statement, German broadcaster ARD confirmed that all votes for Frida Gold would be discounted. As a result, only eight competitors remain in contention to represent Germany in Liverpool. The voting procedure has changed, however. Frida Gold’s starting position, 08, will not be reassigned. As a result, the following act – Lord of the Lost – will retain position 09 following Ikke Hüftgold, performing in position number 07.

As well as this, the number of points allocated has changed. Previously, each juror would give 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points to their rank. Now, juries will not give out 5 points to any act. As a result, only 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 points will be given. In total, 368 points will be awarded by the jury. Another 368 points will be given by the audience through a combination of televoting and online voting.

Germany’s Eurovision journey

Germany has been part of Eurovision since the beginning, debuting in 1956. Their debut entries were Walter Andreas Schwarz’s “Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück” and Freddy Quinn’s “So geht das jede Nacht”. Germany has appeared at every Eurovision since except for 1996, which means they have been at more contests than any other country. They have a long history of success in Eurovision, finishing in the top 3 an impressive 13 times. Germany has won the contest twice. Nicole won in 1982 with her song “Ein bißchen Frieden”, taking home 161 points in the process. Their second win came in 2010, when Lena scored 246 points with her song “Satellite”.

Germany’s most recent Eurovision entry was Malik Harris’ “Rockstars”. As Germany is part of the Big 5, they automatically qualified for the Grand Final. In the Final, the song received 6 points and finished 25th in the Final.

What do you make of the news from Germany? Was Frida Gold the only option for a good result? Who do you think the German public will vote for now? As always, let us know what you think by commenting below. Also, be sure to follow “That Eurovision Site” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok as we look ahead to Eurovision 2023!

News Source: ARD

Photo Credit: ARD

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