🇳🇱 Dutch selection committee completed by Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema

🇳🇱 Dutch selection committee completed by Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema

AVROTROS have announced two new members for their Eurovision selection committee: Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema. The news comes just over a month before the submission deadline for entries closes.

Completing the selection committee

In the article announcing the news, AVROTROS state that the selection committee is now complete. Jacqueline and Jaap will help select the Dutch entry for Eurovision 2024 together with Carolien Borgers, Hila Noorzai, Cornald Maas, Sander Lantinga, and new Head of Delegation Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen. Talking about the two new members, Twan says that he knows that Jacqueline and Jaap are highly motivated for this project, and that he is highly excited to pick one of the known or unknown artists who have applied so far. Jacqueline echoes this, saying that “hearing a good song for the first time that is sung well has something magical. Meanwhile, Jaap is hopeful to pick another Eurovision winning, commercially successful track like “Arcade”.

Who are Jacqueline Govaert and Jaap Reesema?

Jacqueline Govaert is a Dutch singer and songwriter who is best known as the leader of the band Krezip. Krezip rocketed to success after performing at the 2000 edition of the Pinkpop festival. The band went separated in 2009 following years of popularity. Jacqueline went on to have a successful solo career. In 2019, Krezip reformed and picked right up where they left of.

Jaap Reesema is a Dutch singer who rose to prominence following his win in the third season of X Factor. Since then, he has released numerous songs and collabs, charting in Netherlands, Belgium, and also France and Germany. International audiences might have heard of him under his artist name for the international market: Jake Reese.

What we know so far about the Netherlands in Eurovision 2024

AVROTROS announced already in May that the Netherlands would participate in Eurovision 2024. Last month, the broadcaster opened the submission window, which will close September 30. The new Head of Delegation will be Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen. He previousle worked as the Eurovision Head of Contest for the three previous editions. The selection committee has stated that it will internally select once again. It aims to make a decision on an entry by mid-December at the latest. Choosing the Dutch entry for Eurovision will be the selection committee. This year, it consists of Twan van de Nieuwenhuijzen, Carolien Borgers, Hila Noorzai, Cornald Maas, Sander Lantinga, Jacqueline Govaert, and Jaap Reesema.

The Netherlands’ Eurovision Journey

The Netherlands are one of the founding countries of the ESC, having performed the very first song ever on the Eurovision stage back in 1956. While the result of “De Vogels van Holland” is unknown, the Netherlands have clocked 5 wins, with their most recent in 2019. However the Netherlands are also known to have had the longest ever non qualification streak in the semi-final era – they missed out on the final a whopping 8 times between 2005-2012. The most recent Dutch entry to the Contest was in 2023, when Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper represented the nation with “Burning Daylight” – written by Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence. The Netherlands failed to qualify for the final in Liverpool, placing 13th with a total of 7 points from the televote.

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News Source: AVROTROS

Photo Credit: AVROTROS

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