🇱🇻 Sudden Lights release a cover of “Mūsu Mīlestība”

🇱🇻 Sudden Lights release a cover of “Mūsu Mīlestība”

Two weeks before their big concert in Riga, Sudden Lights release an official cover of a popular latvian song “Mūsu Mīlestība”.

About “Mūsu Mīlestība”

Čikāgas piecīši is a legendary latvian band. The song “Mūsu Mīlestība” was written by them while being in exile, like their name says, in Chicago during the Soviet occupation. Their songs were banned in Latvia so their music only got distributed illegally and sung during close family gatherings. When the fall down of the union was close and people were given a bit more freedom, the band was allowed to tour Latvia but with an unfortunate strict presence of the Soviet police. The popularity of the band was not known to the members until around 100000 people has showed up to one of their concerts.

The song “Mūsu Mīlestība” is about the members and their longing for Latvia. They sing with hopes to meet their loved ones here, in their motherland, despite the unfortunate fate that is keeping them on the other side of the world, separated by the iron curtain.

The about section was made thanks to conversations with my latvian friends, which I am thankful for.

Listen to “Mūsu Mīlestība” on streaming platforms


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Sudden Lights’ Eurovision Journey

Prior to their participation in this year’s Supernova, they took part in the 2018’s edition of the national selection. They have finished 2nd with their song “Just Fine”, losing only to the winner of the selection Laura Rizzotto.

In 2023, Sudden Lights have come back to Supernova to try their luck with representing Latvia at Eurovision. The boys have won the selection with their song Aijā and were set to represent their country at Eurovision. They performed 4th at the First Semi Final, finishing 11th, missing the final by just a few points.

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News Source: Sudden Lights

Photo Credit: Eduards Medvedevs

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