🎶Eurovision music round-up: August 2023

🎶Eurovision music round-up: August 2023

Summer festivals and summer vacations are coming to close, and the Eurovision New Year of September 1st is just around the corner. Yup, that’s right: August has come and gone. And with that, as always, comes a whole host of new releases. This edition of the monthly round-up of all new music even vaguely adjacent to Eurovision is full of national final team-ups, bad puns, and multi-part musical experiences.

The 2023 entries

Celebs, Diljá – “Ég sé rautt”

I am living the dream of many a Eurofan: my personal winner and personal runner-up of a national final have teamed up for a track. Iceland’s 2023 representative Diljá has worked with Söngvakeppnin 2023 third placers Celebs for their new track “Ég sé rautt” (I see red). It’s another anarchic and fun track by Celebs, with a good splash of Diljá’s characteristic energy to make a real party out of it all. Track of the month!

TVORCHI – “I Can’t Stop”

“I Can’t Stop,” TVORCHI declare in their new track. And with how frequently they show up in these round-ups, I am not going to disagree. Jokes aside, this track is a love track about how the singer just can’t stop loving someone. Cool and slick but with enough texture to give you something to hold on to, it is another appealing track by the Ukranian duo.

Theodor Andrei – “The Eurovision Medleys EP” (EP)

Theodor Andrei loves his medleys, and now he as an EP dedicated to them (and a few other tracks). There are three medleys (ESC2023, Romania’s Selecția Națională, Eurovision Winners) forming 5 songs total on this 8 track release. Besides the medleys, the EP also includes the stripped live version of D.G.T., his 2022 national final effort, and “Zbor,” which was first released as part of a soundtrack. Eclectic and rock-tinged throughout, this EP is a great listen.

Noa Kirel – “DEJA VU” and “מחול מטורף”

That’s no “DEJA VU,” Noa Kirel really has another new track out. It’s another danceable pop banger by Israel’s 2023 representative. The song seamlessly transitions from sounds and moods, without feeling disjointed. Noa Kirel co-wrote the song with producer Jordi, and frequent collaborators Ron Biton and Itay Shimoni.

The second song she released this month was “מחול מטורף” (Crazy dance). The track was made for the yearly children’s music show My Festigal, which will be held later this year. It’s another dance pop track by Noa, this time about wanting to have another dance with someone.

Let 3 feat. Alen Vitasović & Harmonija disonance, El Combo – “Profesor Jakov”

In another team up of the national finals, it is Croatia’s DORA 2023 winners Let 3 working with runners-up Harmonija disonance. DORA 2020 contestant Alen Vitasović and Croatian mariachi band El Combo complete the Croatian all-star line-up for Let 3’s new song “Profesor Jakov”. It’s another journey of genres, with a folk chant opening giving way for classic rock, interspersed with spoken word elements. Delightfully chaotic.

Luke Black – “I’m So Happy”

“Samo mi se spava” artist Luke Black is now well-rested enough to bring us his latest single. You can read all about his new song “I’m So Happy” in the article below:

The Busker – “Thinking About You”

Having conquered many a Eurofans heart but not a place in the Eurovision final, Maltese band The Busker are now “Thinking About You”. Find out more about their new release below:

Mae Muller – “MTJL”

She sang about writing a song for Eurovision, and now she is here with a new song she co-penned: it’s Mae Muller! You canr ead more about her new song “MTJL” below:

Sudden Lights – “Mūsu Mīlestība”

On the very last day of the month, Sudden Lights treated us to their cover of “Mūsu Mīlestība”. Check out their take on the Čikāgas piecīši classic and find out more below:

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