🇲🇨 TVMonaco chief explains Monegasque non-return

🇲🇨 TVMonaco chief explains Monegasque non-return

Speaking with Monegasque local media, the editor in Chief, Frédéric Cauderlier, Monaco’s new public service broadcaster TVMonaco explained why the Mediterranean nation will not be participating in Malmö.

Why has TVMonaco not returned?

Speaking to L’Observateur de Monaco, TVMonaco’s editor in chief stressed that the tight deadlines needed to apply to return to Eurovision were too tight to allow the country to participate in the 2024 contest. As the broadcaster has just launched, other priorities have taken precedence over Eurovision. TVMonaco only launched last September. What is important to note with Cauderlier’s choice of words is that the desire for Monaco to return to the contest is still there, and had not been put off in its entirety. As of the time of writing the article there has been no word on whether the 100,000€ that had been earmarked for for a Monegasque Eurovision return was still available for such an endeavour.

Hopes of Monegasque return

With the previous Monegasque broadcaster Télé Monte-Carlo’s parent TF1 ceasing to be a member of the European Broadcasting Union (a pre-requisite for Eurovision participation), hopes of Monaco’s return had dimmed. Speculation about the country’s return had begun to resurface in 2021 when the government of Monaco announced its intention to set up a new public service broadcaster. The country had been without an independent public service broadcaster since 2010 when the government sold its stake in Télé Monte-Carlo. The original plan to launch last year was pushed back until 2023 when the broadcaster TVMonaco finally launched. The new television broadcaster’s previous statement’s on the topic as well as the aforementioned earmarked money have given hope for Monaco to return in the near future.

Monaco’s Eurovision Journey

Monaco was one of the first participants in the Eurovision Song Contest, making their debut in 1959. The first Monégasque song to take part was Jacques Pills’ “Mon ami Pierrot”. Despite finishing in last place, with one point, Monaco took part in every edition until 1979. Monaco was able to win the Contest once in 1971, with Severine’s “Un banc, un arbre, une rue”. However, due to the country’s small size, Monaco did not have the capacity to host the show, instead being held in Edinburgh.

Following their withdrawal in 1980, Monaco returned to the Contest in 2004, where they failed to qualify for the final in three consecutive occasions. Their most recent entry was in 2006, with Sevérine Ferrer’s “La Coco-Dance”. At the close of voting, Monaco finished in 21st place in a field of 23 with 14 points.

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Source: L’observateur de Monaco

Image Credit: Wikimedia / Tobi 87

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