🇸🇪 Nordic Eurovision Party to take place April 14

🇸🇪 Nordic Eurovision Party to take place April 14

For the first time, a Eurovision pre-party will head to the Nordics. The first-ever Nordic Eurovision Party will take place on Sunday the 14th of April in Stockholm, Sweden.

About the Nordic Eurovision Party:

While the Nordic pre-party is like the other pre-parties on the calendar, there is one way that it intends to stand out. While all other pre-parties tend to stay in one location. However, the Nordic pre-party will change location and country each year. This allows fans from all across the region to experience a Eurovision pre-party.

The 2024 edition will be held on Sunday, the 14th of April 2024 at the BERNS hotel in Stockholm, Sweden, with the concert starting at 8 pm. In fact, tickets are available to purchase now on the Nordic Eurovision website. There are two types of tickets. First, the general entrance ticket, where doors open at 7:30 pm, which costs 600 Swedish Krona (roughly €50/£44). Or, the Euro fan ticket, which comes with early entry (7 pm) and a collectors lanyard, which costs 840 Krona (roughly €71/£62).

OGAE members can secure a limited amount of general entrance tickets at a reduced price, with a discount code that has been forwarded by national clubs. 

Eurovision 2024 Pre-Parties

As of the time of writing, these are the pre-parties that have been confirmed for the 2024 season:

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