🇸🇪 Malmö to take lessons from Liverpool on hosting Eurovision

🇸🇪 Malmö to take lessons from Liverpool on hosting Eurovision

From one Eurovision host city to another, members of the Malmö team were in Liverpool for the Liverpool Calling event, hoping to learn some lessons ahead of the contest in Malmö.

What did they learn?

Last week, it was revealed that the contest in Liverpool brought nearly £55 million to the Liverpudlian economy. Additionally, nearly half a million people took part in a Eurovision-related event over the two weeks, 300,000 of them being from outside of Liverpool. So, the team in Malmö will be hoping to replicate that come next May in Sweden. 

Karlsson Interview: 

In conversation with Sveriges Radio, Karin Karlsson, who’s in charge of organising the event for the Malmö municipality, talked about a number of different things. Among them, she mentioned how the team learnt from Liverpool that it’s very important to work the contest branding within the whole city. Additionally, she mentioned that the contest will have almost the same budget as 2013, the last time Malmö hosted. That means that with inflation, there needs to be good cooperation between all different parties. Luckily, the team that organised the 2016 contest in Stockholm will cooperate and share their expertise. Lastly, she said that the contest in Malmö won’t be as “flashy” as the contest in Liverpool. 

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News Source: Sveriges Radio

Photo Credit: Visit Sweden

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