Blas Cantó to sing “Voy a Quedarme” at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

Blas Cantó to sing “Voy a Quedarme” at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

After an intense gala of musical excellence that overran by well over half an hour, we’re wrapping up the first Super Saturday of the 2021 season with the decision from Spain! The Spanish public (and international fans) have voted and it has been decided that Blas Cantó will sing “Voy a Quedarme” in May.

You can listen to the winning performance here:

Blas Cantó was one of the first artists to be re-confirmed following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020; giving him a whole year to produce two incredibly modern songs, which were in contention tonight. The choices were:

  • “Memória”
  • “Voy a quedarme”

However, despite the decision coming down to just two songs, we were treated to a full gala by both Blas and RTVE. Alongside his competitive performances, Blas had a fantastic set of duets with former Spanish Eurovision entrants Edurne and Vanesa Martín. Can they pass some of their precious advice to Blas for his performance in May? Time will tell…

Here are our opinions of the winning song.

Jazzi – Honestly a bit surprised this won I thought Spain may have gone for the slightly more upbeat option, however that doesn’t change the fact I actually think this is the right choice for Spain, the song really builds and shows what Blas can do with his voice and it is something the juries will not be able to ignore when voting I expect Spain may finally get out of the bottom 5 with this song and I’m glad!

Rory – “Voy a quedarme” was not my favourite of the two options that Spain was offering. However, I can totally see why the song won – it’s incredibly emotional, the lyrics are deep and Blas’ vocal performance is unmatched! I hope it will do well in Rotterdam, because Spain needs a break from being in the bottom!

Rosie – Blas Cantó returns with a touching, emotional ballad that shows off his voice and shines in its lyrics. I’m concerned that there needs to be some way to translate the meaning on stage so that it comes across to the audience, so the success of this may hang on how it’s staged, but it’s always lovely to hear something so genuine and authentic. It clearly comes from Blas’ heart and I hope they find a way to make it work for the audience.

Tim – You know what, this song is very emotional, Blas has once again shown his capability as a vocalist, and his voice shines of really well. I hope that he is able to translate the emotion of the song towards the performance in May.

So that is what we think of Spain’s selection, but what about you? Are you excited about Blas’ performance in Rotterdam? Where does Spain sit in your rankings now? Please do let us know what you think by commenting below or by getting involved on our social media channels!

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