Germany’s Jendrik Sigwart releases his Eurovision 2021 entry ‘I Don’t Feel Hate’

Germany’s Jendrik Sigwart releases his Eurovision 2021 entry ‘I Don’t Feel Hate’

Germany’s Jendrik Sigwart released his 2021 Eurovision entry ‘I Don’t feel Hate’ today (25th February), Jendrik was selected internally by a national jury and it was revealed he would represent the country earlier this month. Since it has been revealed he would be representing the country at Eurovision he has been active on social media, posting several TikTok videos about how he was selected and how his song has came together.

At 12CET/11 UK time the song was released on Spotify and Apple music with the video of the performance coming later at 6pm listen to the song below.

And what do our team think of ‘I Don’t Feel Hate’

Rory – On my first listen, my initial impression was to just cringe. It’s not a complete car crash by all means – when the horns come in and the production swells. To add to that, Jendrik is an infectious personality and he’ll add a lot of likeability to the song. However, I really don’t see how this is going to appeal to either the juries or the televote, as it’s so playful it borders on almost “joke entry” territory. I’m just nervous for Germany… But I hope they pull it back on the night!

Jazzi – I really like this and I feel this will be an unpopular opinion, the song on its own is a little cringe but when I see it with the live performance I just fall in love with it and Jendrik he has such a amazing personality which definitely shines through in this song, the juries are going to absolutely hate this just saying it now, but I can’t see how a televoter would be able to say no to Jendrik he’s clearly having the time of his life and trying to spread his joy to millions and in these hard times its exactly what we need.

Rosie – I’ve never said I have good taste, and I’m almost entirely sure that this song is going to be very polarising, but something about it works for me. It’s sweet, infectiously fun, and definitely puts a smile on my face. It’s sure to stand out, though I do hope they lose the finger dude on stage.

Tim – I mean I really love the song, it really reminds me of Malta’s entry from 2013. With the world the way it is, it’s really important that we have songs like these in the competition, and you know what it puts a smile on my face.

And that’s what our team makes of Jendrik’ song, what are your thoughts does it brighten up your day? or is it just not for you one thing’s for sure it will probably be the most polarising song we have to date and maybe in the whole 2021 contest.

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