Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou releases “El Diablo”!

Cyprus: Elena Tsagrinou releases “El Diablo”!

And just like that, we have our eleventh song for Eurovision 2021! Today kicked off four consecutive days of internal selection reveals, the first of which coming from Cyprus. We had known for some time that Cyprus was going to be sending Elena Tsagrinou with her song “El diablo”. Can she replicate Eleni Foureira’s success?

Elena was internally selected by CyBC in November, as last year’s representative Sandro was unable to return due to other commitments. However, with Cyprus selected Tsagrinou early, a song has been in production for several months, with “El Diablo” being the final product. The songwriting team is filled with familiar faces; the most noteworthy being Laurell Barker, who has become a staple songwriter for many popular Eurovision songs.

You are now able to listen to “El Diablo” exclusively on Panik Records’ website. “El Diablo” will make it’s premiere on Panik Records’ Youtube Channel on Sunday February 28th at 6PMCET, with the song also becoming available on streaming platforms at the same time.

But what do we make of the final result? Do we think Cyprus can be a contender for the title?

Rory – Cyprus has taken the mistakes they made with “Running” and built on them with “El Diablo”. It is an incredibly strong pop song, with a hard-hitting hook, which should help its chances. However, with the consistent Spanish hints, this could fall victim to being labelled “Fuego 3.0”. I think this will go up in my rankings as time goes on, though.

Jazzi – This is a fun song which has shot right to my 2nd place the song gives me old school Lady Gaga vibes and that is by no means a bad thing, I think this will give Cyprus a very good result. This has made a huge impact and after a couple of listens may even become my first.

Rosie – Cyprus once again returns with their polished female pop entries, and El Diablo is certainly impactful. It also feels more interesting than their last couple of entries, even if they lyrics leave something to be desired for me. I expect this to do well, though I’m not sure if it’s a winner.

Tim – Cyprus is giving us the pop banger we deserve and my god they never fail with this type of song. Elena is a performer, and I know she will do a spectacular job on stage.

That’s just what we think, but what do you think? Do you like “El Diablo”? What do you think Cyprus’ chance will be at the Contest this year? Is the song better or worse than their 2020 entry? As always, please do let us know what you think by commenting below or getting involved on our social media channels!

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