Czech Republic’s Benny Cristo releases his Eurovision 2021 entry  “Omaga”

Czech Republic’s Benny Cristo releases his Eurovision 2021 entry “Omaga”

Eurovision entries are coming thick and fast now, and the latest entrant to release their entry is the Czech Republic’s Benny Cristo. Today (16th February) he released his song “Omaga”. “Omaga” is the first song since 2007 which contains lyrics in Czech.

Benny was meant to represent the Czech Republic in 2020, with his song “Kemama” however due to the cancellation of the 2021 contest his participation was put on hold until this year.

You can listen to Benny’s 2021 entry “Omaga” here

And what do the TEP team make of “Omaga you can see our opinions down below:

Tim – I get it now – OHMAGOD = Omaga. Like all the artists, who are returning, Benny used his time wisely and trust me, he got it right the first time and it is such a bop. We know he is capable of performing live, so I ‘m excited to see how he will stage this.

Rory – Well we were promised something completely different from Kemama and boy did we get something different! This is song is ultra contemporary, and it’s filled with summer vibes – which I’m not complaining about! I will need a little more time to properly get used to it, but I can see this doing really well for Czechia..and also, hooray for the first use of Czech in 14 years! Linguaphiles celebrate!

Rosie – Benny Cristo had created a song that I’m sure will absolutely come alive on the Eurovision stage! It’s not quite my sort of music, and I think it might take a few listens to really grow on me, but it’s an upbeat, energetic and well-produced number that could do very well in both the competition and in the charts.

Jazzi – This song is very different from “Kemama” if you had to ask me which one I prefer I would probably go with this “Omaga” it’s just a really nice fun bop that will bring the party vibes in Rotterdam and honestly in 2021 it’s definitely needed. I also love that there is Czech language incorporated into the song as it makes it more unique and it’s nice to see it used in the contest after 14 long years.

And that is what we think of “Omaga” by what do you think, please be sure to let us know your opinions on all our socials.

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