Czechia: The Rise of the Underdog

Czechia: The Rise of the Underdog

This week, the hosts look at the country that stands at the crossroads of Central Europe – the Czech Republic, or Czechia. As usual, Jazzi, Rory, Rosie and Tim look at the country’s track record at the Contest, look at how the national selection ESCZ has been able to show the diversity of the Czech music scene, as well as pondering how a format such as ESCZ could be used to bring neighbours Slovakia back to Eurovision. As well as this, keep an ear out for a certain Eurovision participant gatecrashing the podcast!

What do you think of our opinions? Do you think that ESCZ is a strong national final format or should Czechia return to internal selections? What is your favourite Czech entry to the Contest? Please do let us know what you think by commenting below!

A link to this episode on Apple Podcasts is available here.

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