Go_A to sing “Shum” at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine

Go_A to sing “Shum” at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine

We got a Surprise 4th song yesterday for Eurovision 2021 courtesy of Ukraine, it is “Shum” by the band Go_A. Eurovision fans will know that Go_A were supposed to represent Ukraine at Eurovision 2020 with the song Solovey.

“Shum” had already been released commercially prior to the internal jury selection in January 22nd, but due to it being well received by fans the band decided to include it in the selection, currently the song is too long for Eurovision at 4 minutes so the song will need a revamp prior to the contest to get the song down to 3 minutes. You can listen to “Shum” in it’s current form here.

“Shum” was part of a 3 song selection, all 3 songs were presented to a jury which included Eurovision 2016 winner and former Vidbir jury member Jamala, the other two songs in contention were “Rano” and “Tserkovka” the songs were revealed to fans via 40 second snippets two days ago!


And what do we think about Shum? Our podcast group have given their opinions:

Jazzi – “Shum” has quite a mystery about it the pace changes throughout the song but that’s good I think this song lends itself to very interesting staging in Rotterdam! This has potential to do very well at Eurovision as it will certainly stand out from the crowd! – quote if it’s needed for the article

Rory – “Shum” is a fantastic follow-up to the style and genre of ‘Solovey’. The gradual increase in speed in the song really gets you going and the White Voice singing technique has been made more palatable to a wider audience. I absolutely love this and it’s going to kill me when they have to cut the song down to 3 minutes. However, this is easily the song to beat right now!

Rosie – “Sorry, Barbara – you had a good run in my first place spot. Shum builds on the precedent that Solovey set last year, and it’s wonderful. I’d gotten to love it when it first came out, so when it was announced as their entry also, I was delighted. It’s an innovative blend of white voice singing, modern electronica, folk music and, of course, to make Rory and I happy, a jaw harp or two. I hope it’ll do well”

Tim – Shum is such a bop! I did not think GO_A could do any better than Solovey then they come up with this. It’s very unique in its own right, and the song stages itself. I can’t wait to see what they will bring to the stage!

That is what we make of “Shum” but what do you guys think be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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