Ana Soklic to sing “Amen” for Slovenia in Rotterdam!

Ana Soklic to sing “Amen” for Slovenia in Rotterdam!

Slovenia has brought us the next entry for Eurovision 2021! Following a program dedicated to the history of the Slovenian national selection EMA, Ana Soklic premiered her 2021 entry for Eurovision – “Amen”! No…not, Austria’s song.

You can listen to her song here:

Soklic was announced as Slovenia’s representative for 2021 after winning EMA last year with her song “Voda”. However, following the cancellation of the Contest, RTV SLO stuck with Ana as their act for Rotterdam. We had heard rumblings in the run-up to the show about what the song was meant to be about. However, it wasn’t until EMA began that we knew what Soklic’s song was like.

So, now that we have the Slovenian entry, what do we think?

Jazzi – It’s okay and Ana sings it very well however I don’t know how competitive this will be in the context of such a strong year. I feel this is one that will just pass me by sadly it’s not a bad song by any means though!

Rory – “Amen” really does feel like it’s in the same string as “Voda”, but it’s far more promising. The song’s choir that swells in the final chorus really gives me goosebumps. In terms of the songs in its half of the semi-final, it could quite depend on what songs surround it, but it could be a borderline qualifier. I need more time with it, but I like what I’m hearing!

Rosie – Ana returns with a choral-backed celebration of her faith which shows off her incredible vocals, and makes full use of the new rules around pre-recorded backing tracks! It’s very powerful, and Ana’s heart is clearly completely throughout this, though I am not completely convinced it’s a qualifier, when the lyrics could be a bit heavy in their references to the point of potentially alienating some of the audience. I think it might rely on the jury to be getting it to the final!

Tim – I don’t have anything to say other than that we have another 2015 situation. I do love Ana’s voice and she is a capable performer. Let’s see how she stages this in the final in May.

That’s what we think, but what do you think? Do you think “Amen” is better than “Voda”? Can Slovenia get back into the final this year? Where does Slovenia fall in your ranking? Please do let us know what you think and feel by getting involved below or on our social media channels!

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