Albania’s Anxhela Peristeri releases revamp of her Eurovision entry ‘Karma’

Albania’s Anxhela Peristeri releases revamp of her Eurovision entry ‘Karma’

We have now heard the version of ‘Karma’ that Anxhela Peristeri will sing at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The revamped version of the song was released at 20:00 CET alongside the music video. Anxhela won Festivali i Këngës back in December 2020. Prior to the release, Anxhela and the official Eurovision Instagram had been teasing the revamp, saying it will keep a lot of the traditional Albanian elements, while the whole song will become more impactful. Anxhela also confirmed back in December the entry will stay in Albanian.

You can take a listen to the revamp below:

Anxhela will perform ‘Karma’ in the second half of the second semi final, at Eurovision 2021.

Albanian Eurovision 2021 representative Anxhela Peristeri.

Our team have taken a listen to the revamped version of ‘Karma’, and here are our thoughts.

Jazzi – The revamped version of ‘Karma’ has a lot more personality to it. I think that ‘Karma’ will be a definite qualifier for the juries at Eurovision 2021. The song now has more of a ethnic feel, and I feel the song builds more as it goes along, leading to an epic climax towards the end of the song. I unsure how televoters will respond to this song, it will all come down to the staging on the night.

Rory – Albania’s revamps can either hit hard or fall flat and Karma easily falls into the former. The instrumentation is strong, the performance is undeniably Anxhela and I love the new incorporation of Albanian traditional elements, while keeping the song modern. This could now easily qualify, depending on what songs are on either side, but I’m optimistic!

Rosie – What an elevation from that freezing cold outdoor performance at FiK! Karma remains just as powerful, but with a little more modern instrumentation, all the while keeping that wonderful Albanian flare. Not all of the instrumental layers work for me, but it’s still a great entry, and Anxhela absolutely sells it.

That is what we think of the ‘Karma’ revamp, what do you think?, as ever be sure to let us know on all our social media platforms.

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