Serbia’s Hurricane release ‘Loco Loco’ for Eurovision 2021.

Serbia’s Hurricane release ‘Loco Loco’ for Eurovision 2021.

We have had a lot of song reveals this week, and the music just keeps on coming. Today ( 5th March) Serbia released their song ‘Loco Loco’ for Eurovision 2021. Hurricane were meant to represent Serbia at Eurovision 2020, however due to the cancellation of the contest this obviously did not happen. Serbia follow many countries in re selecting their 2020 entrant for 2021.

To take a listen to ‘Loco Loco’ click on the link below:

Hurricane’s Sanja’s past Eurovision attempt.

One of the members of Hurricane already has history with Eurovision, Sanja Vučić represented Serbia back in 2016 with her song Goodbye. Goodbye place 18th at the Eurovision grand final in 2016. Here you can watch Sanja’s performance from 2016.

Our team’s opinions on ‘Loco Loco’

As ever our team has taken a listen to ‘Loco Loco’ and here are our first impressions:

Jazzi – This is very similar to Hasta La Vista. I don’t see this as a Eurovision winning song, but it is certainly alot of fun. ‘Loco Loco’ will definitely help bring the party to Rotterdam and all the bop lovers will adore this. I am pretty sure we will see this song in the grand final of Eurovision 2021 but once there I am not sure how this will do as this year’s Eurovision is full of strong uptempo songs.

Rosie – Hurricane bring a delightfully fun, upbeat song that has certainly earned its place on Euroclub playlists for years to come. I love that it’s in Serbian, but I otherwise find the song fairly average. There’s always room for a good pop song (or a few!) in Eurovision, but I ultimately find myself drawn to things more unconventional.

Rory – This track is signature Hurricane, with the club beats and the true summer vibe. Given how every member of the group is a well versed singer even when given tough choreography, I see a big show with lots fire to make the whole arena go Loco Loco for Serbia. It’ll easily stand out in semi 2, so I’m really looking forward to seeing this in the final!

So that is what we make of Hurricane’s ‘Loco Loco’, but as ever we want to know your opinion, please be sure to let us know what you make of the song on all our socials.

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