Estonia selects Uku Suviste to sing “The Lucky One” in Rotterdam!

Estonia selects Uku Suviste to sing “The Lucky One” in Rotterdam!

Estonia is the first of tonight’s national selections to produce a result! After a well-produced show from broadcaster ERR, the winner of Eesti Laul 2021 is Uku Suviste! They will sing their song “The Lucky One” in the first half of the second semi-final in Rotterdam!

You can listen to the winning song in Eesti Laul here:

Twelve artists who qualified from semi-finals in February performed in tonight’s final show. The final was broadcast from the Saku Suurhalle; also known as the home of Eurovision in Estonia. The host arena formerly hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002 and – more recently – every Eesti Laul final. Tonight’s competitors were:

  • Egert Milder – “Free Again”
  • Suured tüdrukud – “Heaven’s Not that Far Tonight”
  • Hans Nayna – “One By One”
  • Ivo and Robert Linna ft. Supernova – “Ma olen siin”
  • Karl Killing – “Kiss me”
  • Uku Suviste – “The Lucky One”
  • Sissi – “Time”
  • Jüri Pootsmann – “Magus melanhoolia”
  • REDEL – “Tartu”
  • Koit Toome – “We Could Have Been Beautiful”
  • Andrei Zevakin & Pluuto – “Wingman”
  • Kadri Voorand – “Energy”

Unfortunately, Andrei Zevakin & Pluuto were unable to perform tonight, as the duo were in close contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus. As result, their semi-final performance was shown to the public.

And the winner is…

Interval acts were in full supply as we were waiting for the results. We were fortunate enough to enjoy acts such as Pitsa, Mr. Lawrence and Smilers while results were being finalised. We also were treated throughout the show to little mini-comedy sketches provided by ERR, providing a range of humourous moments for us!

Finally, the results of the jury-public vote were announced following the twelve songs and their respective performances,. Three of the competitors made it through to the televote-only super-final, with the winning song highlighted in bold below.

  • Uku Suviste – “The Lucky One”
  • Sissi – “Time”
  • Jüri Pootsmann – “Magus melanhoolia”

So, with the song now chosen, what do we make of the song that will be representing Estonia?

Jazzi – I like this more than What Love Is, early on I thought this would be a potential qualifier however as time has gone on and we have seen how strong this year is I feel The Lucky One will struggle to make an impression on Europe at this year’s contest.

Rory – It was going to be an obvious choice for Estonia to send Uku again, and I am glad to see him actually get a chance to represent his country. This song is far better than “What Love Is”, but it does still sound like it could be a song from the Dream Team. I think it will become better with time, but I’m not holding out much hope about Estonia making it to the final.

Rosie – I don’t mind The Lucky One, and much prefer it to What Love Is. It also had some really beautiful staging in the Eesti Laul final. I don’t think it’s strong enough to get them to the final. It’s just too “average”, and I can’t see it standing out in Rotterdam.

That’s what we think – but what we want to know is what do you think? Do you like Estonia’s song? Does it stand a chance in the semi-finals in Rotterdam? Or do you think Estonia won’t make it through to the final? As always, please do tell us what you think by commenting below and by getting involved on our social media channels!

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