Gjon’s Tears releases Tout L’Univers for Switzerland – and it’s a car crash!

Gjon’s Tears releases Tout L’Univers for Switzerland – and it’s a car crash!

Gjon’s Tears has released Tout L’Univers, the song which will represent Switzerland in Rotterdam in May. Have a listen to the song here, and watch the car crash-themed video:

Gjon’s Tears, also known as Gjon Muharramej, was intended to be the representative for Switzerland in Eurovision 2020 before the contest’s cancellation. He entered last year with Répondez-Moi. He will perform in the second half of the second semi-final in May.

What do we think of Switzerland’s song this year?

Rory – The first thing I thought when I heard the song for the first time was “London Grammar”. And as someone who loves London Grammar, I was really quite surprised. This song makes a lot bigger of an impression on me than Répondez-moi, and given how Semi-final 2 is now considered to be the weaker of the two semis, I think it’s likely to stand out and qualify. Gjon has fantastic vocals and coupling that with the ethereal vibes of the instrumentation, I really think this could be a shock contender for the win!

Rosie – Gjon’s Tears brings another haunting ballad, which keeps the essence of Répondez-Moi but adds something more sweeping and epic. It’s really quite beautiful, and while I’m hesitant to make predictions before we’ve heard all the songs, I can see this doing really, really well with a good live. The video did still make me feel slightly nauseous! It’s haunting. I already want to listen to it again.

Jazzi – Gjon’s Tears has an absolutely amazing voice there is no denying that. I personally wasn’t too keen on “Répondez-Moi” however I find this a lot more impactful. I think there is every chance Gjon’s Tears will do well in Rotterdam. This will probably not be among my personal favourites, however I do appreciate that it is real quality and would be deserving of a good result.

Does Gjon have you in tears? What do you think Switzerland’s chances are for Rotterdam? Let us know!

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