Stefania gives us her “Last Dance” for Greece at Eurovision 2021

Stefania gives us her “Last Dance” for Greece at Eurovision 2021

Greece has now released its song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Sticking with their previous artist, Greece will be represented by Greek-Dutch singer Stefania Liberakakis. The song she will be singing is “Last Dance”, and is the third song to be released today!

You can listen to a snippet the Greek entry for Eurovision 2021 here:

After the Contest was cancelled last year, Greece chose to keep the same writing team for Stefania. The songwriting team included notable members of the so-called “Dream Team” – namely Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sharon Vaughn. Both Kontoupolos and Vaughn also have been involved in other songs taking part in the Contest this year; specifically the entries Moldova and Estonia.

In an interview with HELLO! Greece, Stefania said of “Last Dance”:

‘Last Dance’ is a very up-tempo track, but it manages to maintain the sensitivity and melody that are usually lost in very dynamic songs.

– Stefania

Our thoughts

With that said, what do we make of “Last Dance”?

Rory – I like where this is coming from and by all means, this is still a strong song! However, I keep coming back to the motif that Greece tend to forego any kind of national identity in favour of finding international success. We’ve seen this before with Demy, FreakyFortune and Maria Kyriakou, where there is no discernible ethnic identity – and we know how well that worked out for them. I much preferred “Supergirl” to this, but Stefania is still going to perform this fantastically!

Rosie – Last Dance is a fun, energetic song that feels both born of the pandemic times and also very much universal. It’s a great choice for someone like Stefania, who’s only just turned 18 and has lost this last part of her adolescence to this year. It’s a more grown up effort than Superg!rl, with a stronger message, though less kittens in the music video. I don’t think there’s a winner here, and she’s got a task ahead to stand out with Senhit, Natalia Gordienko and Hurricane in her semi half, but I hope she can do it!

Jazzi – WOW! This is an absolute banger, I love this from first listen, this feels a lot more grown up that “Supergirl”. I don’t know how well it will do in Rotterdam though as it is already shaping up to be a very strong year. I feel if Greece can get themselves back in the Top 15 that would be a success for them and this song has the capabilities to do that for them if Greece get the staging right. It will be a task to stand out however among the many uptempo female songs this year, so staging really will play a big role on how successful “Last Dance” could be.

So, that’s what we think! But what do you think? Do you think “Last Dance” is better than “Supergirl”? Can this song get Greece into the final? Where does the song fall in your rankings? As always, please tell us what your thoughts are by commenting below! Or you can get involved on our social media channels!

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