“Growing Up is Getting Old” is Victoria’s entry for Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021.

“Growing Up is Getting Old” is Victoria’s entry for Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021.

Victoria was one of the big favourites for Eurovision 2020 with her entry “Tears Getting Sober”, now Victoria’s entry for Eurovision 2021 has been unveiled, She will be singing “Growing Up id Getting Old” at Eurovision 2021. In February this year Victoria released her EP “a little dramatic”. Fans were told to provide their opinions on the tracks, as it would help select Victoria’s song for Eurovision 2021.

Victoria held a concert tonight, where she performed all her EP tracks. at the end of the concert it was announced “Growing Up is Getting Old” would be her official Eurovision 2021 entry. Several of this year’s participants recorded messages of good luck for Victoria, these were shown during the show.

“a little dramatic” tracklist!

Here are the songs that were in contention to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision 2021:

  1. “imaginary friend”
  2. “dive into unknown”
  3. “phantom pain”
  4. “the funeral song”
  5. growing up is getting old
  6. “UGLY CRY”

Following consultation with Eurovision fans, “Growing Up is Getting Old” has been selected as the Eurovision 2021 entry. You can take a listen to Victoria’s below:

Victoria’s entry for Eurovision 2021 “Growing Up is Getting Old”

What we make of “Growing Up is Getting Old “

As ever our team have given their takes on Bulgaria’s choice for Eurovision, however do we think there was a better choice on the EP take a look below:

Jazzi – I feel this was Victoria’s best option for Rotterdam in terms of getting a good result. Personally my favourite songs of the selection were “The Funeral Song” and “Ugly Cry”. Do I think this will do as well as “Tears getting Sober” would have done? No I don’t see this as a potential winner, however I do see it easily getting through to the final in Rotterdam.

Rosie – Bulgaria had six beautiful songs to choose from, but Victoria’s concert has absolutely sold me on this choice. Growing Up Is Getting Old feels like an intimate look into her world, with some fantastic lyrics, and that same build we are familiar with from Tears Getting Sober. I hope this message translates to the huge stage in Rotterdam and doesn’t get lost. If it does, this could do very well

Rory – I’m somewhat surprised this song was the one that was chosen to represent Bulgaria. Victoria is already a professional, skilled singer and we know that from the concert that showed off all of her songs. I think the song is very pretty and incredibly deep, but I think this would rely on some very strong staging for it to have the same impact “Tears Getting Sober” did. I’m cautiously optimistic, but also skeptical.

That is what we make of Victoria’s “Growing Up is Getting Old”, however let us know what you think, was there a better option on “a little dramatic” let us know on all our social media platforms.

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