Austria’s Vincent Bueno releases his Eurovision 2021 entry “Amen”

Austria’s Vincent Bueno releases his Eurovision 2021 entry “Amen”

Early this morning, the Austrian Eurovision 2021 entry “Amen” by Vincent Bueno was given its first radio spin in Austria. Vincent was meant to represent Austria last year however due to the Covid-19 pandemic this did not happen so ORF have let him be the representative in 2021. Last year Vincent was meant to sing “Alive”. You can take a listen to Vincent’s “Amen” here:

Vincent Bueno’s Official Eurovision 2021 entry “Amen”

How do we think “Amen” compares to “Alive”, you can take a look at our opinions below:

Our take on “Amen”

Jazzi – I am not sure on this I must say, it’s a very competent ballad, however I struggle to see this making any sort of impression in Rotterdam. However while I think “Amen” borderlines on being a bit too ordinary, Austria always stage their songs well and if Vincent has a decent vocal performance I could see jurors pulling this one through the semi final. I am less unsure on how the televoters will repsond to this.

Rosie – “Amen…I guess” has to be the best opening like of this year. Following that, Vincent brings a song much more soulful and heartfelt entry than Alive the previous year, and I certainly feel much more connected to this entry.

Rory – Comparing this to “Alive”, I do think it is definitely a step in a different direction for Vincent. The verses feel quite strange but the chorus hits hard and with Vincent’s incredible voice, it does add a real layer of personality to it. It’s not necessarily challenging my top 10, but it still is a respectable effort from Austria!

And that is what our team makes of “Amen”, what are your thoughts as ever be sure to let us know on all our social media platforms. Also who wins the battle of the Amen’s between Vincent and Slovenia’s Ana Soklič, let us know.

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