Daði Freyr releases 10 Years, representing Iceland at Eurovision

Daði Freyr releases 10 Years, representing Iceland at Eurovision

Icelandic singer Daði Freyr has released his entry for Eurovision 2021 alongside his band Gagnamagnið, 10 Years. Listen to their entry here!

The song describes the relationship between Daði and his wife Árny, who is also a member of Gagnamagnið. One of its most notable features is the choir, which consists of over 1150 Eurovision fans. Daði asked for participants to record a number of vocal parts back in January.

Daði & Gagnamagnið were due to represent Iceland at the 2020 contest with the song Think About Things. Following the cancellation of the event, Icelandic broadcaster RÚV announced that they would forego their traditional national selection, Söngvakeppnin, and select Daði internally.

The song will be performed in the first half of the second semi-final in May.

What do we think of Iceland’s entry?

Rory – When we heard that Dadi would be returning for Iceland, we knew that it was going to be a tough act to follow from Think About Things. This does follow in the same vein as Think About Things, but I’m not sure whether this hits as hard as it did. I still definitely love this, but I’m not sure whether Iceland has as much of a chance to win as last year.

Rosie – It’s a delightful entry from Dadi, once again drawing on the retro feeling of Think About Things and the family theme. It’s full of synths, charm and it’s awesome to feel a little bit of a part of this having submitted to the choir myself! It’s creative and I am looking forward to seeing it come alive on stage as I am sure it will.

Jazzi – I think this is a really nice entry for Iceland. Do I see this as a Eurovision winning song? No, But I see this getting a decent result for Iceland! We will definitely see them in the final in May and I can’t wait for Dadi’s live performance of this.

What do you think of Iceland’s entry? Have Daði & Gagnamagnið lived up to the hype for you? Let us know your thoughts!

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